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1 Month With The Fossil Q Sport (4th Gen) REVIEW

How did the Fossil Q Sport Smartwatch hold up after one month’s use? Let’s find out!


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42 thoughts on “1 Month With The Fossil Q Sport (4th Gen) REVIEW

  1. you have a very tacky sense of style. the shit color option you chose, and decided to make it even worse with the unmatched watch strap. the horrible horrible watch face where you can barely see the time. the disgusting thumbnail font and man, the name of the channel. where are you from?

  2. I have to disagree with your critique of step count – I have worn my Sport with my FitBit Alta because I wasn't ready to cut loose before I knew the Sport would pull similar info. The steps are extremely close! I've paced my fitbit by checking steps, counting during a walk, and checking again – it's pretty accurate already.

  3. I use a semi-professional pulse-oximiter regularly which I got from Wal-mart. Cops use them too. It's not worth whining about heart-rate accuracy if you're not aware of the influences of ambient temperature and flesh temperature.

  4. Is this watch worth getting? I mean there’s Ticwatch E2 with all the same specs(except NFC). No speaker is a deal breaker for me tho.

  5. Hey, if you use bluetooth earbuds with the watch can’ t you hear everything that goes with the assistant, other than listening to music?
    Also how is the haptic feedback, can you set it high to use it as morning alarm?
    Overall great video and channel.

  6. Why can't it have a speaker??? Everytime I think I have found the perfect Wear OS device it ends up missing some major feature! It seems more newer watches have left out the speaker just as Google Assistant and Maps get verbal talk back features, why? This one would be nearly perfect if it just had the speaker!

  7. Can this watch measure elevation gain during hikes? It does have an Altimeter but it doesn't have a barometer. Samsung Galaxy Watch has both, so it does the elevation gain measurement, but not sure about the fossil one.

  8. I was debating between Samsung Galaxy watch, Apple watch and TicWatch but I am now leaning towards Fossil Sport (4th Gen). They all have pros and cons but I think the Fossil Sport (4th Gen) fits the majority of my needs and wants.

  9. This isn't a 'Gen 4' Fossil watch, those are the Venture and the Explorist, both of which have 2100 processors, this is a new line of watch that had the 3100. Saying Gen 4 implies that it's a direct relation/equivalent, which it isn't.

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