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10 Essential Student iPad Pro Apps! (2019)

The iPad Pro is essential to my student life so in this video I wanted to show you the essential apps you need to install on your iPad right now if your’e in high school or college! From note taking to getting organized with homework; this is the video you want to watch before uni.

Things 3:

45 thoughts on “10 Essential Student iPad Pro Apps! (2019)

  1. Dude thank God you put everything in the description because you speak much too quickly and jumbled. Perhaps include some on-screen text of the apps you are choosing to recommend.

  2. Anyone used an iPad for researching /typing up essays and how is that experience if they have? Currently using a dying old Macbook and thinking of buying a iPad pro to replace it

  3. I noticed there is a “Things 3” and a “Things 3 for iPad”. I would love it on my phone and iPad, but do I have to purchase both for each device? And if I do that, will the app on each device communicate with each other?

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