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2018 iPad Pro 4 Months Later – Honest Review..

#BendGate. The whole computer dilemma. USB-C. A12X. What really matters after 4 months and what doesn’t?
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There have been a lot of controversies regarding the 2018 iPad Pro since its release. We take a look at how the iPad experience is today, after 4 months of use. We tell you what really matters and what real-world differences we feel compared to older iPads.

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21 thoughts on “2018 iPad Pro 4 Months Later – Honest Review..

  1. What do you guys think about the 2018 iPad Pro? Have you used it? Love it? Returned it? Comment below!
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  2. Assuming that someone who can afford the iPad Pro can also afford to pay out for AirPods is frankly moronic. For a lot of people, the choice is going to be more one of lower spec iPad with accessories or just the high spec model. Being unable to use existing accessories with the high spec one may legitimately be a deal breaker. And $/£9 is not really cheap for a tin dongle, not to mention that it cannot be used natively whilst charging.

    Also, the limits of the USB C implementation don’t matter because a lot of people are not using it anyway?

    I like the looks of the Pro and am seriously considering picking one up soon but there is some seriously shoddy logic being employed here.

  3. 1:00 "some people refuse to buy it because of the lack of Touch ID"

    I refuse to buy it because of the lack of a GOLD COLOR OPTION, APPLE.

    I don't want Space Gray or Silver god how boring!!!! Looks like I'm skipping this one and getting the 2020 iPad Pro WITH a gold color, I know, shocking. I can't be the only one

  4. Hello Max tech quick question. My birthday is coming up and I would like to know, is the ipad pro 2018 worth it? Or do you recommend something else.

  5. hey man nice review! to compromise, would it be better to get the 265gb wifi only or 64gb wifi + cellular. I got a decent android (lg v30) with good data. I don't do any video editing (but will consider doing light editing and casual procreate), storage will be mostly for ebooks, documents, notes, games, Netflix movies, and the occasional large movie/tv show download before a flight. I have a MBP 13 as well.

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