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2019 10.2" iPad vs 3rd Gen iPad Air – Which iPad Is best?

Here is our comparison between the 2019 7th Generation 10.2 Inch Apple iPad vs the 3rd Generation iPad Air.

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43 thoughts on “2019 10.2" iPad vs 3rd Gen iPad Air – Which iPad Is best?

  1. Plz tell me sir, i am using a amoled display smartphone. I want to buy best budget ipad 10.2 . Only the main reason to chose ipad air for it's P3 colour. Can ipad 10.2 resume my amoled video watching experience? Or i really need ipad air p3 colour to continue my video experience?

  2. Thank you for the informative video! You've made my choice a little easier! (Still hard though) I've decided to go with the iPad 7, even though the Air has a certain nifty appeal. I am a High School student, and I really don't think that I'll need the increased storage/processing for quite a while, as I can edit my short films on my desktop. Also, yes, the iPad is half the price, I like that, too:-)

  3. iPad 7th is really worth it. It is also suitable to studying, working and learning.
    If I can share you all I am currently working, taking night class and as for my refreshment I learn how to draw things. All can be done with this new tech of Apple’s products. All the values worth paying for.

  4. I went for the 10.2, £299 and it will do me fine considering I’ll only use it for light internet browsing and watching YouTube videos, although the air 3 does look better

  5. I don't know if I should get an air 64gb wifi or a 10.2 128 gb wifi, price is just 50 bucks difference, I guess the air would have much longer longevity.
    It would be my 1st tablet and not for professional use. I don't have a laptop, just an iphone 6s plus and a desktop pc. I would keep the tablet (as I do with smartphones) for 5+ years.
    I don't even consider the 10.2 32gb tho, any suggestion? not sure if I should miss 64gb storage space for the newer A12…I am a lot confused

  6. It's about time to upgrade my 4th gen iPad (9.7), it takes forever to charge, even with my most powerful chargers, and overall it's just about ready to say goodbye cruel world, I may go for the Air 3, I don't mind the lack of 120hz display and bad camera

  7. Ofcourse air is better i m enjoying .. Better A12 bionic. Better screen. P3 gamets. Bigger screen. Better graphics. 256gb memory. Thinner 6.1mm . Better front camera..

  8. Thanks for doing this video. I am currently trying to decide between both of these iPads. I’m going for the air. Better base storage, laminated screen, and better processing power. I also like the very slightly slimmer bezels too. I also think long-term the air will age better too as far as updates down the road. So for me the air is a much better value.

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