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2020 iPad Pro Review – Worth the Upgrade? | The Tech Chap

The 2020 iPad Pro boasts a faster A12z chip, 6GB RAM, Ultra Wide camera, LiDAR and Wi-fi 6. But is that enough reason to upgrade? Here’s my FULL REVIEW of the 2020 12.9-inch iPad Pro! Amazon US: – UK:

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47 thoughts on “2020 iPad Pro Review – Worth the Upgrade? | The Tech Chap

  1. 1- Does the new iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch keyboard work and compatible with the 2019 model? 2- Conclusion, is it not worth the iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2020 compared to that of model 12.9 inch 2019 for its price?

  2. I have the latest iPad Air (2019) which is a great device. However, I still fancy the 2020 iPad Pro 11". The slightly bigger screen size the thin bezels, screen quality and refresh rate and performance make it a very appealing device. Whether I would use all that performance is another question! I think the new Magic keyboard case is a bit on the expensive side but I'm sure it will be quality product implemented well and people will still buy it.

  3. Just purchased the 12.9inch version, as a photographer / videographer I think it could really help my workflow, thinking of recording a vlog on my iPhone and editing it on my iPad to see how I get on!

  4. I was waiting for proper mouse and keyboard support (within the os and like quality keyboards to write on) to finally sell my MacBook for an iPad. This is the year that Steve Jobs final launched products becomes the device he visioned back then when he launched it back in 2010 as a giant iPhone. The man knew it would be capable of replacing Mac OS but a lot of research and prototyping had to be done before iPad OS would be capable of doing it in an intuitive way. Basically he did not want to pull out a Windows 8.

    App support is needed but I see that as a non issue since their app developers are amazing. Bring final cut pro level apps to 350 dollar iPad and now suddenly it's stupid to buy a Chromebook.

    The fact that this all happens instantly with an update really makes me appreciate Apple for overplaying it for years in the GPU department to a point where their new Z chips create a faster experience than my baseline 13" Macbook Pro from 2015. Great value for students once that app support kicks in.

    I'm glad Apple took their time and not Windows 8'ed it. I strongly believe that this was the objective Apple wanted. Steve Jobs knew his last product would one day become that OS merger everyone wanted for years and that comoanies were trying to provide. Google wants it with Android and Chrome merger OS. Windows wanted it with their phones and rushed updates. Apple finished prototyping with their iPad OS to the point where they are ok with killing all normal joe MacBook purchases and get them to buy iPads. People consume more content on their iPads and Apple wants that streaming money. The services the launched and the way they are pricing it… They are an amazing company from a business and consumer perspective. They care about cracking the code to a bomb ass OS merger where the consumer loves it and their stock show it.

    As a guy who one day hopes to restructure the whole education system (or at least in my own schools). Apple just gave me such a wonderful tool that I am excited for the schools of tomorrow to have. Apple just provided my students a powerful tool which benefits outway the low cost of 350 dollars. Just give my students an iPad at the beginning of the school year and all the classes could be stellar thanks to the apps that already exist in the App store. Students would learn easier thanks to programs that I would have LOVED to have had when I was in school.

    Education is the key to saving the world and Apple just gifted me a powerful tool to help me accomplish my end in such an intuitive experience. Refreshing to see OS innovation.

    My students will get used to it by their 4th assignment and so will the rest of the world when they finally jump on board.

  5. Please help me out. Can't make a decision! MacBook pro 16 inch ore Ipad pro. I only use it for: Watching movies and pair it whit it on the tv screen ore monitor (for movies/work), Microsoft: office word outlook excel PowerPoint, watching youtube, listen to music and making notes…..

    Really like a big screen for movies… And sometimes I work with: Microsoft Excel/Word and Safari open, is that doable whit an iPad? Ore put it on a tv ore monitor for a bigger screen. I can buy the: Ipad pro-1229 whit keyboard 350 dollars and apple pencil 125 will cost = 1714 whit discount 1640 euro. And I can the mac pro 16 inches whit discount for 2100 euro.

  6. Guys I've tried the 2018 iPad Pro 11 with a Smart Keyboard but the experience was very strange and incomplete. Mac OS is Apple's crowning achievement. iOS feels like a bad marriage. I missed my Touch Bar and went back within 2 days. I can never look at an iPAD for work. Though maybe I should since its got faster functioning.

  7. why: hay bro, I am a med student from India a and I need an I pad pro for my studies and I don't have any I pad due to some economic problem and you know how expensive med schools are so if you give it to me it will be really helpful to me. please help me man with an I pad

  8. If you are a graphic artist, illustrator , photographer yes it's very useful for ipad 2020 but if for only like gaming and watching videos stick to the 2018 or 2017

  9. What a bad review….
    There is no iPad Pro 2019.
    The Magic Keyboard is not backward compatible with all old iPad Pro's.
    Only the 2018.

    The editing is nice, the way the review is done is good, but the information… if you make such mistakes I don't trust you.

  10. So the 2020 iPad Pro is basically the same as 2018. So I will rattle on about features it could have had (but doesn't) and then talk about a keyboard that isn't available. Great review.

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