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50 Best Tips & Tricks for Apple Watch Series 4

In this video I show you the best 50 tips and tricks that you must review for your Apple Watch series 4.

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43 thoughts on “50 Best Tips & Tricks for Apple Watch Series 4

    Apple watch is good to check time and its apprearance.
    Everyone to buy apple watch for sports app. in watch, need check watch's function of sports app.
    i bought and used pools swimming App. but its function is add. I did swimming 2000meters but Apple watch app marked 4000meters. The next day i tried again to check again. Apple watch showed my record wrong. i did 1900 meters but watch marked 3800 meters.

  2. When I listened to music on Spotify in my phone, I used to be able to change songs or pause/unpause on my watch. Now the watch screen just shows the play, pause, forward, rewind buttons but they stopped working and also I can't see anymore the songs name and artist, now I only see something like JSD's Iphone playing… Does anybody know how to solve this?

  3. When u scribble on your watch for a msg, u don’t need to wait for each letter to appear before you type the next one. Just keep writing and it will write out the sentence u want.

  4. So my husband and I both bought apple watch series 4's cuz they were on sale with the intention of getting the iphone 11's but we hit a real bad financial crisis. So now the watches are in a drawer and prob won't be used for a couple of months until we actually can get the iphones ? I'm just torturing mysself with these videos honestly ?

  5. Thanks SergT for your review. Just bought this from https://amzn.to/2oXiyre and by applying 10% SBI bank offer. Finally joined Apple Watch in my hand. Too happy with its performance.

    Just spent Rs.31500 only. Looks really cool and suits with almost all of my clothing styles.

    Also, battery life is great.

    Like company and you said, its a 4th generation apple watch. With large display, health sensors, dual-core processor, workout partner, light weight, support WiFi, bluetooth.


    1. Ultimate processing power.

    2. Bigger screen with really good colors and clarity.

    3. Stainless steel back just looks stunning.

    4. Siri does its job pretty well.


    1. Power bank won't work, it needs authentic Apple charger only.

    2. Not quite supportive with car charging ports too.

    3. Had to put on protective glass for the screen.

  6. You said "Apple Watch" wayyyyyyy too many times!!! With the title of your tutorial, your reference to it the first time and the look of it, it is obvious which smartwatch you are talking about. I know, Mr. Petty Already on the channel

  7. I just got my new applewatch series 5 and your video gave good, clear, instruction on how to really enjoy and use it skillfully. I'm not a super techy person so -thank you!

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