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Affinity Designer for iPad – How to Design A Poster for Circus

In this Affinity Designer for iPad tutorial you will learn how to design a poster and specifically how to draw and put elements together for a circus layout.

I will take you through the whole the process by first creating the vector rays, followed by drawing a curvy shape using the Pen tool, joining paths and adding dashed lines. We will use a Vintage Display typeface for our text and ornamental objects, and add couple of extra elements to complete the poster design idea.

All that with…

14 thoughts on “Affinity Designer for iPad – How to Design A Poster for Circus

  1. Hi Elias! I watched all your AD tutorials and there is something I canโ€™t find anywhere:( do you know if there is option to make circular grids? As you would do them for logo designs… however, I love your tutorials and appreciate them very much!

  2. Hi Elias! Great tutorial, easy to follow and understand, thank you!!! I'm new at affinity, but I love it already. I have a question regarding exporting files. I need vectors in eps format with layers. What is the best way to export files that can be opened in AI with layers I made in AD? Is it possible? I managed to export it as eps, I opened it in AI, but there were no layers and some of the brushes I used in AD were all lost (I expanded all the strokes in AD before exporting). I hope you can help. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to more of your AD tutorials ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi, great video! But something I'm not seeing in any video is a tool like the shapebuilder tool in Illustrator. I want to put shapes together and cut off what I don't need. But I can't seem to figure it out. Help?

  4. Thank you for making these Affinity Designer tutorials. I enjoy watching to pick up helpful tips here and there. One question, though, why not use the cog tool to create the rays instead of duplicating modified rectangles? Itโ€™s much faster, though had you not done it your way, Iโ€™d have missed out on the transform tips.

  5. Hi.. I am subscribed to your channel..LOVE your videos and how you slowly explain everything you are doing… PERFECT for people learning how to use Affinity Designer…. Now I hate to be a critic…because I seriously loved the tutorial and this vintage design… BUT those squiggly lines you used on the left and right of the word โ€œTHEโ€ were off…the one on the right was closer to the right edge and the one on left was closer to the center.. I watched the entire video hoping you would see and correct it… being somewhat OCD myself, i caught it and drove me nuts during the last part of the video…BUT your designs are GREAT and I look forward to seeing more from you

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