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Apple iPhone 8: Unboxing & Review (Space Grey)

*Rebranded as InsideTech*

Apple iPhone 8 – Space Grey | GamerTech Unboxing & Review. Taking a look at the new design and features with a hands-on review.

n.b. This iPhone was manufactured for the United Kingdom and thus does contain the safety stamps and ‘Designed by Apple in California’ – something which has been removed from iPhones manufactured for the United States.


– Unboxing: 1:08
– Hardware: 4:37
– New features: 7:19



36 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 8: Unboxing & Review (Space Grey)

  1. Hi everyone! Since a lot of people are getting confused about this in the comments I thought I'd pin this comment to clear this up: iPhones in the United Kingdom like the one featured in the video have to, by law, display the FCC labels and "Designed by Apple in California" etc. Apple will continue, however, to advertise iPhones without this information on the back of the phone because a bill was passed in the United States that allowed this information to be removed. Do not worry if the iPhone you have bought from Apple is a 'fake' if you receive one with this information on the back – in some countries it is still required to be printed here.

  2. Ok, I honestly don't understand why almost every unboxing Chanel cares so much about the damn box that the item is in, we came here to see the iPhone and its specs, not a freaking cardboard box with some raping around it. I swear why do people care about that so much???

  3. I used to be an Android user but I got myself my first iPhone a week ago, this one to be exact. Space grey and 64 gb just like the one you reviewed.
    It‘s definitely a much better phone than my old phone, the camera, the colors on the screen and the graphics in games. It‘s also way faster but I think that’s clear.
    The only thing that I find odd is how fast it heats up when I play a game.
    Overall I love this phone very much and will keep it for a few years, hopefully.

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