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Apple Watch sells out, Galaxy S6 stores, Moto 360 sale & more – Pocketnow Daily

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38 thoughts on “Apple Watch sells out, Galaxy S6 stores, Moto 360 sale & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. It genuinely bothers me how popular the iPhone and other Apple products like the Apple Watch are. I have nothing against Apple or the devices they make, but how so many people buy them and will blindly defend them without knowing the full features and inner-workings of both Apple and Google products.

  2. Someone said apple watch sold out because Apple made a few of them so they could sell out well according to some source they sold over a million in 24hrs so far android wear including this moto 360 only sold 757,000 in a year. Even if apple made a few the few they made was way over the number of watches android wear sold and it only took them 24hrs

  3. They probably made less units on purpose so it would get hyped up. From my own experience, the first generation of Apple products tend to be the worst and get outdated extremely quickly. They spend years doing R&D for them so by the time they are on the market, it's old tech.

  4. the complaints is ridiculous. Just stop! Apple is on a roll right now man. No one I mean no one is giving them credit where credit is due! Over a million watches ordered thats awesome for a 1st gen guys. But if i go to a samsung gear review which i just did. Hardly any complaints and thats Apple consumers included. Chill and get your lives straight

  5. Nope will not buy an apple watch. 1 they didn't sell out. 2 they never finished production. 3 they are the masters of media manipulation. And 4 its over hyped for no apparent reason. There's only one reason you would have to wait almost 2 months for a watch…its being assembled. But I guess they can use that to their advantage as well. "We are hand crafting each and every apple watch, to make sure you get the best product we will take time with each exquisite timepiece assembled in our headquarters." I think I understand apple too much. Its probably why I don't buy into it.

  6. I have no use for smart watch. If my whole smart phone can be transferred to my wrist (like in sci-fi movies) with flexible displays, that would be an innovation& a real game changer.

  7. I don't want- or even need any smart watch. If I get a notification, I lift my phone out of my pocket. Also, what can you do on a smartwatch that you can't do on a smartphone? Nothing. My iPhone 6 plus also has good battery so like yeah, buy a smartwatch if you know you don't mind talking to your wrist and if you have money. Phone contracts are so expensive, so why buy a smartwatch then?

  8. The Apple watch is surprisingly ugly, I have never been into apple devices but they have almost always looked great. This one with its smooth edges and chrome finish looks like it would fit some fat old lady's arm. No thanks. The pricing doesn't help

  9. No i wouldnt buy it .
    Who would use a 1100$ watch for everysday usage.
    I personally am a rough user with watches and if by any reason it breaks or anything like that all the money that i paid would go to waste.

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