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Apple Watch Series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch

Here is our smartwatch comparison between the Apple Watch Series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch.

More info on the Apple Watch Series 4:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy Watch:

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27 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch

  1. Samsung Galaxy is awesome and has great applications that are functional and useful..this guy definitely is bias…really annoying review and untrustworthy…the sleep tracker is awesome and the variety is amazing…can't wait to see what samsung does next with this watch..my friend has an apple 5 series and can hardly keep a charge for the whole day…and the display is all scratched up.. go figure.

  2. Thank you for the review, but I have to say, you are so biased. it is not a review, it is an oppinion.
    First, you are saying the Apple watch is slimmer, and nicer, and lighter, but there is the option of the 42mm version of the galaxy.
    You said the apple watch has "changed a lot", and said the galaxy watch is basically the same since the S2. This is straight up a joke. The materials, the size, the texture and size of the bezel, everything changed, while the apple watch is exactly the same boxy thing with a 0,03" bigger screen.
    Also, the electricity doesn't come from the valves, it comes from the atrial node, and it's atrial fibrillation, not arterial.

  3. At 5:03 states the heart rate feature can help recognize "arterial fibrillation". It's Atrial (atrial heart chamber muscles) Fibrillation; arteries are, well, arteries (ventricle pumped oxygenated blood TO organs; veins return deoxygenated blood back to the heart Atrium). Kinda sounded uneducated. Also, regarding connectivity; isn't pretty much the same. Galaxy watch BT 5.x is superior; downplayed in favor of Apple; I left feeling this is a biased review.

  4. I charge my Apple watch every 3 days. And that was my series 2. I just bought the series 4 recently and I charge it every 3 days. The series 4 has a little more life left, around 16-18% on the night of the 3rd day. I use the watch daily at work, answering every call i get. Texting back to people, and looking and clearing notifications. I don’t get why people say 18 hours is how long it lasts.

  5. Please answer my question before buying , thank you :
    I have iPhone X and I’m wandering will I have all features if I bought the galaxy watch or not and if not , is the features that I won’t have a really big miss or no problem if I don’t have it
    2nd question is Galaxy active watch good like galaxy watch or better or worse cuz idk what I’ll buy , depending on processors , BT , and internal storage which is the best option to buy in budget

  6. I have only uses an Apple watch and Apple products. But today I'm leaving Apple watch to go get a Samsung Galaxy. The only thing I have left is a MacBook pro with Apple. iPhone is a piece of crap

  7. He doesn't have to strap on backwards. Because some people like myself choose to use the turning knob on the lower corner of the left risk….jezzz.
    It doesn't have to be always on the upper right hand corner

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