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Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

We compare the $400 Apple Watch Series 4 against Samsung’s $200 Galaxy Watch Active to see which one is best for fitness tracking, smartwatch features and getting notifications from your phone. Whether you’re looking for features like built-in LTE, heart health monitoring, sleep tracking or the best watch to work out with, we help you choose the right smartwatch for you.

Apple Watch Series 4 fitness review: We tested Apple’s fitness claims:
Galaxy Watch Active…

46 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

  1. It sounds like the girl didn't turn on continuous heart monitoring on the watch. I had a similar problem with it catching up to my runs until I realized I had it set to measure every 10 minutes. Now it locks on fast and works great.

  2. for me personally I would have to give it to the galaxy watch active. I just dont see that big of difference between the galaxy watch and the apple watch to pay that much more.

  3. As several have already commented…. love the Samsung phones when compared with the iPhone but love the Apple Watch when compared with the Samsung watches. The problem is I can't have my Samsung Phone with the Apple Watch. So you have to decide whether the iPhone is "good enough" and go with the Apple Watch… or if giving up the Samsung Phone is just too hard in order to get the justify getting the Apple Watch. I'm trying to make this decision now. Love the seem-less communication I'm getting with the Apple Watch and the iPhone but the Samsung Watches are okay and need to decide if this "okay watch" is good enough or not. Just too bad we can't have our cake and eat it too… Samsung Phone and Apple Watch

  4. – Walkie talkie
    – sharing my workout activities with my friends
    – answering calls using my phone
    – ecg
    – fall detection
    – hands free voice assistant works well
    – imessages on applewatch
    – using my watch as a key to unlock my laptop or pay when i buy something online

    i love my apple watch.

  5. Watches and tablets are the only products where apple just completely dumps on their competition, while the iPhone is just mediocre at best compared to the competition…

  6. Purchased the Apple Watch 3 LTE. After the three month free LTE I turned it off. Yes, the LTE is convenient, but during those three months I used LTE a few times only. When I did go out without the phone there were numerous occasions I saw a scene worth capturing. The iPhone camera is the reason I always take the iPhone, doing that makes my need for the Apple Watch not worth the money. That said, the Apple Watch 4 LTE having EKG capability makes sense owning. Looking forward to learning about the Apple Watch 5, what capabilities in addition to EKG will it provide.

    Please, when you are talking cut out the background music. Be aware, we came to hear you not music. Many folks have hearing difficulties, so fighting the music makes it difficult hearing and understanding you.

  7. Unless you haven’t bought a phone yet, this review can be simplified:

    Do you own an iPhone – Apple Watch
    Do you not own an iPhone – You can’t even use the Apple Watch.

    Im a heavy fanboy of Apple, but seriously I think you should just get the galaxy watch active. They even have a Fit variant which is cheaper and focused solely on fitness. True flexibility in your wallet.

    Save Money.

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