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Apple watch series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Comparison

The Apple watch series 4 is Apple’s latest wearable tech but can it outperform Samsungs Galaxy watch? I put these two smartwatches to the test as I unbox the Aluminum Gold series 4 watch. So we can find out which offering is better for you.

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Galaxy Watch:

29 thoughts on “Apple watch series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Comparison

  1. I like the apple watch but note 9 is best & dislike apple being so uptight. Android wear completely sucks in every area except when it comes to swipe to text. That feature is beyond useful for a smartwatch

  2. I like how he has the iPhone Xs max and the Apple Watch series 4 next to the galaxy watch and what seems to be a note 9, don’t know but I like that set up

  3. Not to hate on the apple watch it looks great and awsome but if you want to blend in for me as a man in my opinion if you want a watch from the smart world to blend in the galaxy watch does if you wear a suit and tie its round rolex looking and it looks like a classic watch the apple watch has one thing i would love to try the ekg feature but so far i enjoy my galaxy watch and the rotating bezel makes it easy to navigate the home and threw apps plus you know have over 6000 faces to choose from

  4. Both has almost the same features, but they just have differnt layouts. Apple watch is much cleaner, but i hate having to get lost trying to find where, or, what your supposed to click.

    Galaxy watch needs have more details, like make everything look more futuristic. but The rotating bezel makes everything easier on the galaxy watch. but there is some problems with steps and sleep tracking, but one update can fix it.

  5. Apple devices are not so easy to use ..you'll be surprised at how many people that do not know how do the simple things, restart the phone, uninstall, reinstall an app, how to place someone on speaker phone, how close applications running in the background on their phones ages 50 and up if you place an Android device and Apple device they'll choose the android device bc others feed the bs that Apple is soooo easy they get the Apple devices which in my opinion is not user friendly(I'm into alot technology so these things come easy to me.), 90 percent of our customers are iPhone users who do not know how to do the basics on such a easy to use device.

  6. Have both phones and the Apple watch series 4 cellular version. Love the watch, but it's having cellular issues. Is your watches cellular or GPS/BT ?

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