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Apple Watch Series 5 – 40MM vs 44MM

The new Apple Watch Series 5 was just released and it comes in two different sizes, 40MM and 44MM. Which size option is right for you?

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23 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 5 – 40MM vs 44MM

  1. Here are the brand new Apple Watch Series 5! They come in the same sizes of 40 and 44MM sizes. If you’ve got anything larger than a 17CM wrist, id say go for the the 44MM. It looks better on the wrist IMO

  2. I never seen someone so in love with themself they actually didn’t realize they didn’t once talk about the comparison. Would guarantee he watched this and loved every second to bad everyone came here for the title not you.

  3. If you’re making a video, that’s going to be on the internet, you could Atleast look it up on how to pronounce “Hermès”… you said you don’t like brand names but Apple is literally a brand name that you’re making a video on… contradict much?

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