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Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 4 after 4 Months!

I’ve been using the Apple Watch Series 5 since release. Here are my thoughts and real-world differences I’ve noticed compared to Series 4.
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The Apple Watch Series 5 didn’t get very many changes, but one of them is big enough to make some people switch back!

This feature is, of course, the always-on…

34 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 4 after 4 Months!

  1. There is always room for more tech and to remain a hugely profiting company,they will release newer version, almost every year. Of prices drop down but they try not to because of market share. Buying any version would be less by few dollars. Only when that excedees the current economy. It becomes useless

  2. I just upgraded from the series 2 to the series 5 cellular and I love it! I have a watch collection of modest means but I love all the watches in my collection! Although I love the Apple Watch series 5 there’s no way it could ever take away wrist time (well some) from the “real” watches in my collection!

  3. Full brightness and still 55% at the end of the day? You are the only person (out of probably 30 videos) that has said they are getting battery life that good. Either you aren't using your watch much throughout the day or you consider a full day to be 8 hours. There are so many other reviews that are telling us to turn down the brightness, turn off unnecessary notifications, and keep a charger handy if you have a long day.

  4. I have never had an Apple Watch and recently was gifted my first one. I was given a choice between the 4 and 5 and honestly feel the 5 doesn’t have enough difference to justify paying a higher price. The always on display is a battery draining issue and as a nurse who works up to 16 hours a day I hate that it would die quicker. The compass means nothing to me. Maybe if I was an avid outdoorsman it would be awesome but I’m not. Series 5 is a hard no for me.

  5. It's a decade old question with Apple products. If you still have last year's model, don't upgrade. Anything older, it starts to make sense. So of course most Series 4 user will be kind of disappointed with Series 5 features. But for someone with Series 3 or older, or even better .. someone who'd like to buy their first Apple Watch? Then Series 5 is the only way to go. Period.

  6. I got my first smart watch being the series 5 40mil aluminum and I can say it’s convenient. Just being able to get calls and texts without having to pull my phone out was enough of a feature.

  7. I have the series 3 and I'm still happy with it. I still get 2 days battery life (even though I charge every night), so no issues there. The new updates aren't really worth the update yet, I'll probably give it another year or so when I start to notice more battery drain or some really cool new features.

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