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Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 4 – Full Comparison!

What exactly is different between the Apple Watch Series 4 and the new Series 5? We compare every little change!
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Comparing the Cases – 0:27
Testing the Always-on Display – 1:15
Gradient Watch Face -…

47 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 4 – Full Comparison!

  1. Whats the whole point of apple watch? Why do people buy it for? Apart of having another gadget to charge at night, i really don’t see the purpose of this device ?

  2. This is the reason I’m upgrading my Apple devices in larger spans of time. They now last longer and perform better during longer periods of time. I’m upgrading iPhone every 2 years (might go for 3 depending on the 2020 version). Apple Watch every 2 years. iPad Pro every 4 years. Bought MacBook Pro in 2014 and it still feels great, probably will upgrade in 2 more years, and keep going for 6-8 years span upgrades. I don’t see why I should buy new HomePod and Apple TV, those work fine and haven’t seen any largely relevant reason to upgrade. Other stuff like AirPods, I could upgrade about every 2 years or a bit more.

  3. one thing missing on s4 and s5 iwatches. infact missing on all versions, logo of apple.
    watches are worn as a display of wealth and sytle. logos are explicit in traditional watches, be in omega or rolex etc. status symbol. meaning watches are expensive, very expensive and wearer comes off a wealthy and stylish. and logo is usually seen to gauge the status of that person. this watch when in standby mode or on mode, dont display the logo to show its apple. there are many such watches in the market, 1/5th of the cost, looks exactly the same.

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  5. While there are only TWO noticeable upgrades (always on/different finishes) the series 5 is a joke when compared to the series 4… Sure it’s an upgrade from a 1 or 2 – but if you own a 3 or 4 it’s a definite skip

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