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Apple Watch "Sport" Vs Samsung Gear S

Apple Watch Sport Vs Samsung Gear S

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46 thoughts on “Apple Watch "Sport" Vs Samsung Gear S

  1. I'd pick.. neither! Smartwatches are still dumb IMO

    Just like big phones.. one causes a problem that "warrants" the other.. solution? Stop making phones so damn big! iPhone 5/se is perfect IMO

  2. The gear s is terrible looking, and Apple Watch is amazing ?? I have an iPhone so I got the Apple Watch, no complaints about it. I have even used it in the shower and it works still

  3. Apple is straight forward and simple. Samsung ( even though they make the best TVs) has to many details and looks cheap along with less quality. U get wat u pay for

  4. If someone gives me one of them. I'll choose Apple watch. But if I will have to buy one I'll go with Gear S. I don't wanna waste my hard earn $$…

  5. All the apple people complaining about the size of the watch… (which is a clear advantage as it makes for better user experience)… are the same people who complain about the samsung phones before getting new larger iphone. You always hate on the product you don't have even when the advantages are far better. Don't worry, Apple will catch up in some time from now.

  6. Apple has much, much better quality. It really depends what you care about. If you care about the quality and "sexiness" of the product..then i'd go with apple. If you care about technicality such as screen size and how much it can do, etc. then, at this time, samsung watch is for you, but I'm sure apple will catch up with them. I personally have been using everything apple for many years. One of the main reasons is the look. I hate how samsung, android, windows products look. Most if not all of their phones and laptops are generally plastic. Windows on laptops catches virus's like no other(trust me i know). Apples iOS is just so sleek and simple to use. The way they make their products are just so nice to look at and hold. Sure the apple watch might not do everything the samsung gear might..but honestly samsung gear is way to much for my liking. I don't get the curved screen, its way to big, and why do i need to surf the web, make phone calls etc on it. Besides it looks way to fat for my liking. I like something simple. A square watch, with pretty good interactions. I can't wait to get my apple watch in the mail!(:

  7. The Gear S looks prettier than the Apple Watch and it has better display, better features, a more lasting battery and it would fit perfectly for my S6 which is way better than the Iphone 6 so yeah Samsung> Apple

  8. The Gear S looks so childish and cheap, it looked pretty laggy when he was moving around in the menu and it just looks rediculous, I have tried out both those smartwatches and I prefer the Apple watch by far. It just feels better, everything is faster and more responsive. The Gear S kind of looks like the Galaxy S3 mini mini mini with a curved display, if Apple would have done an apple watch that looked like an iphone 6 mini mini mini, it would just look weird. I just ordered mine today and I'm very impatient, i took an apple watch (not sport) with black fluoelastimer band!

  9. no contest the gear is better.
    it can work independently as its own device and does not need to be paired to a phone, and lets be honest the curved screen does look pretty cool.

  10. the cool thing about the gear s is you always have a second phone on you. your phone could drop on the floor and break or you could get mugged  or the phone battery dies the possibilities are endless but with the apple watch remove the phone and the watch is useless and the  battery dies in a day . with the gear s if your main phone battery dies the watch takes over automatically ,all calls are forwarded to the watch  and allows you to make that important call . the iphone battery is crap anyway apart from the 6 plus . once that iphone battery dies the watch is useless .

  11. The Apple "men's" watches are friggin' TINY!!!!!! Hello!!! I'm a grown man. The 42mm is ridiculously small and looks like I am using my little sister's watch. Come on, Apple!  Big watches are in anyway.

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