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Call of Duty Mobile VS PUBG Mobile | Analysis + Comparison

Join me as I do a detailed analysis and #comparison of #pubgmobile and #codmobile, which game is better? and why? Comment down below!

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21 thoughts on “Call of Duty Mobile VS PUBG Mobile | Analysis + Comparison

  1. For me :
    PUBG = Grand Tourismo
    COD = Need for Speed
    PUBG Mobile is more simulation and realistic game play it's your skills that's make the difference
    But in COD more Arcade you feel that the game assists helps you a lots in the game play and a noobe can kill you faster
    Personally I like PUBG Mobile so far hands down
    I tried COD but couldn't enjoy it I did find it more Arcade and less precise and realistic game play

  2. Cod mobile didnt copied pubg mobile , codm has the same company as the pubg , and thats why they are kinda same…..
    But I still prefer codm

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