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Can iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop Now?

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When I first reviewed the iPad Pro last November, I focused on the seriously amped up hardware design. I figured the iOS 12 software story hadn’t changed so there was no point revisiting it. Many of you all, of course, allowed yourselves to retort. And you were right. So, two weeks later, I redid my review, went over why I felt the iPad Pro was less a laptop replacement and more a…

50 thoughts on “Can iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop Now?

  1. Apple should release a pro version for their own apps for the iPad Pro. The iPad itself may be “pro” but Apple’s apps are not. The regular iPad should run a basic version of Apple’s apps and the iPad Pro should run a pro version.

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  3. I actually listened and watched your entire video. That speaks volumes especially for tech reviews which can sound s bit robotic at times. Keep up the good work.

  4. What really annoys me is why Apple insists on using Safari as the default browser when many websites do not work properly under this browser (it does on a macbook but why should you spend money to buy this just to enable websites to work) .

  5. This iPad Pro is so much faster, smarter, lighter, has the best graphics, I can play NBA 2K mobile that looks just like playing it on Console Xbox. The A12X Bionic makes the intel core i5 dual core on the MacBook Air a shame. It is so slow compared to this tablet.

  6. I would get this but then I’m thinking about all the external accessories I would have to carry just to make it a “laptop” so idk if it’s worth it

  7. Good bye MacBook? Not quite yet. No bit torrents, and navigation can be problematic when using a keyboard. Otherwise, the device is a lot closer to a laptop replacement. It's closer.

  8. At this point in time, there is no way my 9.7” iPad Pro (or even the latest iPad Pro) could replace my MacBook — not for the apps I need for doing my professional work. Apple has always seemed to suffer from a bit of a myopic view of the possible diversity in how people actually use computers every day. I need lots of space, huge number-crunching abilities, and highly specific apps for my work. There are so many professions and with so many variants, Apple cannot possibly second-guess what people do on these machines. I just pray I will never have to go back to Windows. But already I will miss out on Catalina because of the 32-bit apps I’m forced to use on the Windows side of Parallels on my MacBook. And I can’t see iPads ever accommodating virtual machines, it just doesn’t fit into the iOS exclusive ecosystem policy. Some of us are stuck in two worlds.

  9. Great videos and content! Although I still don't understand how none of the post iPadOS reviews mention the fact that we still have no proper OFFICE apps on the iPad! As a business person, it's the one thing stopping me from using an iPad as my main driver altogether. I need the full features of word and powerpoint to be able to properly edit documents, not just make small tweaks to them. If you know of any good alternatives or of any Microsoft plans to improve on the existing office apps, I would really appreciate it. ? Warm greetings from Portugal!

  10. Maybe yes for illustrator or animator, but not for developer. I hope ipados provide terminal with full feature like mac os terminal or at least for the iPad Pro an IDE is provided for javascript programming or something like that.

  11. my wishes:
    turn the apple pencil into an air mouse
    let us be able to code on it, that’s my biggest wish..
    make a slightly more comfortable keyboard maybe

  12. I think I will be getting the iPad pro because I am more into illustrating these days I know I can just buy a drawing tablet for that but you know… I think I can be more productive with the iPad pro

  13. and this is the most biased for Apple review I've ever f**** seen this guy literally does the salesman tactic of sandwich compliment he compliments it then gives it an insult away could do better then he complemented again

  14. Rene already has a built in Bias because he is an old fashioned Mac power user. For him unless a device has multiple cores and lots of Cooling fans, terabytes of RAM, and is really thick, then it doesn’t qualify as being a quote unquote real computer. There is resistance and push back on the iPad gaining full computer status because it threatens to displace MacBooks and PCs, something that’s quite disheartening to power users of Mac OS or Windows.

  15. My feed back to Apple regarding slide over and app icon shortcuts in iPadOS public beta 1:

    I really appreciate that long pressing on app icons now provides the ‘3D touch’ like options/shortcuts drop down menu.
    It would be really awesome if it could also have an ‘open in slide over’ option added to the drop down menu as an alternative to dragging apps from the dock. I believe this kind of alternative would be greatly appreciated by most users, especially those who use accessibility features.

    Also, I find the timing of the long press needs work as it causes the app icons to start wriggling too soon. Perhaps this function could require a longer press than it currently does?

    Also, the slide over window would be even more awesome if it were universally accessible, even on the home screen. This would make a very positive improvement to productivity and workflows.

  16. Ipad can never replace a full fledged computer. For an average consumer with no use for a real computer, it might. For a full on developer or engineer, never.

  17. I'd be interested to hear you discuss the premise from your title from the perspective of a student and from that of post school adults that need to word process, use spreadsheets for home projects or finances and occasionally make a simple edited video but mostly use it for web browsing, email, bill paying and watching vector on YouTube.

    I think your perspective is not unique since it sounds much like other vloggers perspectives but I think many of us don't need what you feel it's lacking.

  18. I currently run a community college with an iPad Pro as my only electronic device. I have for a while, but as they improve apps with the 64 bit machine more and more, I need other devices less and less. There is rarely any need for me to use a laptop or desktop. And that’s usually to locate and retrieve old data. With iPad OS, I believe I won’t even need to do anything, anywhere else. Great video! Thank you!

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