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Can you play Fortnite on an older Mac?

Will Fortnite play on an older Mac? What is the performance of Fornite on mac? Today we play Fortnite on a 2013 iMac and check what kind of performance we get in both MacOS High Sierra and Windows 10.

This is not a ‘how to play Fortnite on Mac’ but more of a performance test and what to expect when playing Fortnite on mac.

Let’s jump in to some Fortnite Battle Royale Mac goodness!

☀ Product link:
Late 2013 iMac on Ebay –

☀ Gear used for the video:

48 thoughts on “Can you play Fortnite on an older Mac?

  1. This person is selling a $200
    iMac os Sierra 21.5 ‘ in
    Intel corre 2 duo 3.6 Ghz
    RAM 4 Gb
    Hdd 500 gb
    Is it worth it to buy someone pls answer.. idk much abt computers and all I want to do is play sims 4 with cc

  2. How does the 2013 iMac run fortnite 20 FPS better then my 2016 Notebook? With external cooler btw.. I would’ve been happy if my pc could run it on 50fps medium even with one frame drop every 2 minutes… this expectations man… bad…

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