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Clash of Clans UPDATES 2020! Darian Supercell Interview, Part 1!

Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans UPDATES 2020! Darian Supercell Interview, Part 1!
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34 thoughts on “Clash of Clans UPDATES 2020! Darian Supercell Interview, Part 1!

  1. The thing with builder hall is that supercell wanted to make it their money grabbing content. The loot limiter really makes me not want to play the builder hall, and the matchmaking is just the icing on the cake for not playing it. I'm always matched to a player with 1lvl higher than me, or 2+ if they have a rushed base, what your system needs to understand is that even if they have a rushed base, they have those extra army camps, extra troop lvls and defences on me (tho low level 2 lvl 3 cannons would still be more dangerous than 1 lvl4 cannon.

  2. I propose a new magic item. The "Ghost token" which allows you to use your hero in one battle when it is under construction. The player could save them and not have to sit out of war when their queen is down. The hero would look like an apparition of itself so that is why it is where "Ghost" comes from.

  3. In legends league if we get only 8 attacks, and you finish your 8 attacks early then you should be able to still attack how many times you want, not for trophies but for loot only

  4. because of new ai only indonesian people are joining our clan and they speak indo in clan chat. im tired of kicking them. can we turn of the ai? there are 200 countries. why only indos?? its terribly stupid.

  5. It's a pain in the butt but you can attack "yourself" you just need two bases. I attack my th11 all the time when I want to experiment or practice different strategies.

  6. So basically he’s saying 1. global chat is gone so screw all of you who want it back. 2. We are going to do nothing about recruiting no matter how many players we lose because new players are joining! The absolute hubris of this guy astounds me!!! We can’t create an app that would work for most because a few don’t allow discord???!!!!! I’ve about had it with clash and I have two max th13s and a near max th12.

  7. Allow us to cycle through troops and spells (similar to BB) for friendly challenges.

    This would open the game up to more practicing and experimenting of different strategies without the waste of time and resources with cooking diff strats.

  8. Honestly as f2p would you start up a game today? My self I’m 80 walls and the stash(traps) away from max. But knowing this I would never start playing the game today. Just way to big needing trillions on trillions of gold n elix and years of years to even get close. N then we haven’t mentioned the 160 lvl of heroes needing dark elix in the millions on millions of drops. Not to speak of the dark upgrades. I doubt new players will be in numbers. Played since beta so it’s pretty decent to continue but my th 10 is left where it is? will never be touched again.

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