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COD Modern Warfare 2019 vs PUBG – Weapon Comparison

Weapon vs Gun playlist:

Call of duty Series:


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28 thoughts on “COD Modern Warfare 2019 vs PUBG – Weapon Comparison

  1. Человек собрал 1.4млн как он стреляет из оружия ,в двух играх,не обронив,не слова .Учитесь летсплейщики

  2. Сказать честно…звук АК не похож ни там, ни там… В COD какой то слишком глухой,как подушкой накрыли автомат(и на слух как будто занижена скорострельность), в PUBG со скорострельностью вроде все ближе к истине, но выстрел какой то звенящий вообще… На него там что, рельсу подвесили и она звенит по стволу после выстрела?

  3. The only good thing in PUBG is that after you are done reloading you kinda lower the gun since you don’t need it until you find a enemy so, a win for them on that part, but the other parts, clear cut win to COD MW

  4. Although I like PUBG more as a game, here COD wins in absolutely all cases.
    Weapons feel much better in COD. Look at the aggression, detailing reloading and shooting in COD, and then in PUBG, this is ridiculous. In PUBG there is no atmosphere, you immediately feel that this is a game. But COD perfectly conveys the atmosphere as if the weapon was right in your hands.
    * The recoil of the weapon is well shown.
    * The sounds of shots do not even need to be compared, it is heaven and earth.

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