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DEFINITELY NOT AN APPLE WATCH | Fossil Q Explorist Gen 4 Review

Products Featured In This Video: Fossil Q Explorist Gen 4

John breaks down his impressions of the Fossil Q Explorist Generation 4 watch, including a comparison to the Apple Watch, functionality, and overall feature set.
“Classic Design. Modern Tech. This 45mm Explorist HR touchscreen smartwatch features a black silicone strap, and lets you track your heart rate, receive notifications, customize your dial and more.
Smartwatches powered with Wear OS by Google are compatible with iPhone®…

33 thoughts on “DEFINITELY NOT AN APPLE WATCH | Fossil Q Explorist Gen 4 Review

  1. Another review someone tries to compare two products with vastly different prices by the way my fossil watch has the screen on all the time and is still at over 50% by late evening

  2. I need a (smart)watch with more faces and should look like an elegant watch. Having completely immersed in Apple ecosystem, I find this as the only option.
    Any advice?

  3. I've been on WearOS for a while, and it does everything I want it to do while looking like a traditional watch – not a women's watch/toy like Apple. Plus Apple's UI is ugly and the watch faces are all bland.

  4. Tanks but i want a review of this watch not why is not the same than a apple watch… I have a android i don't care what apple watch do. I just lost my time…

  5. I agree that Wear OS has a ridiculous number of problems and glitches, and is so-so for me, though it does notifications better than any other platform I've ever seen–including your precious apple. I'm curious though, have you ever reviewed the Samsung Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch or the Galaxy Watch Sport, and if not, you should. I've used them since the Gear S2 came out and I'd never go back. That rotating bezel (though not on the newest Galaxy Sport–which I believe is a huge mistake) is absolutely genius. It is the single best thing on ANY smart watch for navigating. There are some things apple does better–I'll stipulate, but overall, Tizen is my go-to. In the future, like the guy before me mentioned, it may be smarter to mention the item you are reviewing over the apple watch, which you DO say more often…otherwise, nice & concise.

  6. Most reviewers forget to tell people that you need to have an Apple iPhone 6 or later to set up the Apple Watch. This is bad.
    New Matrix Powerwatch 2 could be more practical.

  7. This is exactly the video I needed to see! I'm in a very similar situation to you, having been on Apple ecosystem for 10+ years and only just now moving over to Android (thanks to Google Home and oodles of automation). The biggest thing I miss about Apple is the Apple Watch and this video was a very real look at the drawbacks of WearOS. Glad to hear things are getting better from a software perspective though!

    Currently Fossil have a sale on the Sport watches. I much prefer the look of the Explorist (as I don't need it for a whole lot of fitness activities), but the Sport has the Snapdragon 3100 processor in it. So my options are:
    1) Pick up a sport now for a hefty discount.
    2) Pick up an Explorist and deal with the older processor.
    3) Wait for a refresh of the Explorist or to see if Google themselves have anything to announce.

    What would you pick? I know the answer is likely option 3, but I'm pretty impatient and not sure if I can wait until late 2019.

  8. I have not worn my Apple Watch since I bought this watch ?. Not only do I like the look of this watch but women love the look of this watch too. I get a lot of compliments.

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