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Disabled iPad | Reset iPad Or Reboot iPad To Factory Reset Without Password| iPad Password Forgotten

Reset your Disabled iPad if you are forgotten your iPad Password. Just follow the videos to restore an iPad in the factory settings. You will be able to reset all iPad like iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Pro. It will also work on iPhone factory reset . You can follow the videos to restore factory settings iPhone. Hope it will help to solve your Disable iPad or Disable iPhone Problem.
let me know by comment if it works if not then let me know your specific…

28 thoughts on “Disabled iPad | Reset iPad Or Reboot iPad To Factory Reset Without Password| iPad Password Forgotten

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  2. It didn't work for me either. Did an online chat with Apple and they couldn't walk me through it either. I even downloaded iTunes 12 and still never got the restore or update screen. Changed to another PC and it still didn't work. Going to go to the Apple Store and see if they can reset it and just how much that will cost.

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