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Does the Poco X2 “Kill” the Redmi Note 8 Pro? Full Comparison!

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Did the Redmi Spin off Poco, just kill Redmi’s most popular Note 8 Pro by launching the Poco X2? At the 15k segment we now have 2 solid options the Poco X2 and the Redmi Note 8 Pro – How do they differ? What’s the better bang for your buck? What should you probably get? That’s what we are gonna be taking a look at in today’s video…

Both Redmi and Poco have opted for 6.5+ inch IPS LCD…

35 thoughts on “Does the Poco X2 “Kill” the Redmi Note 8 Pro? Full Comparison!

  1. The question is: – A second hand Xiaomi mi 9 (64GB no microSD) not knowing what the former owner did to that phone and probably a gray import (no warranty).
    – A brand new Xiaomi mi 8 (64GB no microSD again) with 2 years official Manufacturer warranty.
    – A Xiaomi Note 8 Pro (but no Custom Rom support, because of the MediaThek CPU. Still no Roms on XDA forums).
    – A Poco X2, i have to import it. So no hardware manufacturer warranty in my country. Maybe it will come later to my country? :/
    The new mi 8 and the used mi 9 cost about the same price. Both have top tier CPU's of their Year (mi8 with SD845 and mi9 with SD855).
    I like to use my phones for 3 or more years.

  2. Display – X2 120hz
    Note 8 pro – dedicated SD + dual Sim
    Gaming, Performance – X2
    Battery – X2 little more efficient
    Charging – X2 – 27W, 8 pro – 18W
    Software – X2
    X2 better @ low light
    Video – Stabilization – X2

  3. 10:50 what I am thinking is:
    POCO X2 lacks-
    1. Dedicated slot helps to increase data storage option. Nowadays camera with 48mp 64mp sensors sucks lots of storage.
    2. Notification light! in this running life type scenerio, notification light also helps alots to customize the light according to importance of notifications like missed calls, msgs email+, many more.

    Redmi note 8 Pro lacks-
    1.fast charger. 18w not enough
    2. ??Heating issue?? which will create lots of issue in long term usage and also affect durability of processor and many more.

    My Conclusion:
    ?Redmi note 8 Pro charger problem can be solve after buy a good charger under 1k.
    〽️☹️ ::but heating issue 12nm architecture not allowed to solve it by any software update. Which will consuming (reduction) lots of battery day by day and also mediatek processor can't held it for long term use like for 2..3 years.

  4. Being a viewer right from the first days, i can tell that the quality of the content has really improved in the last few months. Be it the animations or presentation you guys have changed a lot. Kudos to the new team ? #C4EFamily

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