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Fitbit Inspire HR vs. Mi Band 4: Best fitness tracker

Lexy reviews the Fitbit Inspire HR vs the budget Xiaomi Mi Band 4. One fitness tracker costs $100 and the other is $40, so which one is the best value? I compare both these fitness bands on everything from how they count steps and track workouts, to measuring resting heart rate and sleep. These bands also have some smart features, like getting notifications from your phone, so let’s break down what they can do and how they compare.

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40 thoughts on “Fitbit Inspire HR vs. Mi Band 4: Best fitness tracker

  1. Just bought a mi band 4. I used to own a fitbit. Fitbit products do not last, my alta died after just over a year, and the replacement also died after a year. This is a common issue which has many people complaining but fitbit just refuses to fix their defective products, just search for "fitbit dies after a year" and you'll find pages of complaints. Unless you wish to pay fitbit an annual "subscription" on replacing your fitbit I strongly recommend staying away.

  2. Dunk with soapy water for 5 hrs everyday. Never leaves my hand. Super waterproof. Running shower water will activate the screen
    Bought it because of 20 days battery life ! It's a basic superlight fitness wear. So cheap , bought some to giveaway ! Lots of colourful straps and face to choose.
    Can't beat the value for money. Amoled screen !

  3. I don't want to look at the tracker all day so display is not a priority, I just want it to do it's job properly i.e step tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate tracking and workout tracking. I pick fitbit. If you are very tight on your budget then Mi band is definitely a good option.

  4. You forgot to mention that you can use your own photo as watch face in xiaomi. BTW 5 ATM means 50 meters water resistance. Great reviews BTW. I have mi band 2, 3, 4 and amazfit bip. I simply love xiaomi.

  5. I like how sleek & slim the fitbit is compared to the xiaomi or any other fitness trackers. For someone with extremely tiny wrists, i have no choice. But the screen on the fitbit sucks big time so im not buying any fitness tracker for now.

  6. Thanks for that. Whats the community around Mi Band? You didn't cover that. Can you for example create 'Groups' so say my entire office all gets Mi Band and we all can see each other in the app and compete?

  7. Nice video. However I would like to see more tests about how really precise/non-precise these things are. Because It's ok to look on RHR, sleep levels, HR, steps measurements with fun and actually use these as accessory/basic watch, but keep in mind that some of us could use this information for tracking warning signs of low deep sleep, high RHR and so on. And when this matters then screen brightness are on the other side of the scale. Even if battery reach week, than it's already okey, because you need to clean band at least once in week anyway.
    What do you think about these devices? Are these just toys and can't be used for real measurements?

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