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Forbes: Apple shocks *millions* of iPhone users with new leak

I’m finally coming clean and showing everyone what’s in my tech hoarding box. (I also have a tech hoarding corner but let’s not mention that…)

Oh! And also, we have another shitty speculative tech article about the 2020 iPhone and how Apple is doomed (thanks, Forbes). iPhone leak articles are getting so ridiculous that I don’t even know how much longer I can do this for…

Regardless, let’s chill in my bath tub, get a little high, and talk about the horrifying leak predicting Apple’s…

2 thoughts on “Forbes: Apple shocks *millions* of iPhone users with new leak

  1. I couldn't be you haha. Idk what it is about me but I CANNOT keep electronics around if I Dont use them. Everytime I get a new phone I ALWAYS sell my old phone on ebay. I even recently sold my old Xbox one X and galaxy EMPTY boxes on ebay. I sell everything lol

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