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Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Review | Galaxy Smasher?

Reviewing the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch, a Wear OS watch boasting premium features including NFC, GPS, fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring and more, for £289 UK. I’ve been testing the Generation 5 for a week now, using it as my full-time smartwatch, and here’s my final verdict on this Galaxy Watch rival.

As far as performance goes, the Fossil Gen 5 is one of the greatest I’ve reviewed in 2019 and beyond. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform keeps Wear OS running beautifully, although…

41 thoughts on “Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Review | Galaxy Smasher?

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    I don't get how people go unarmed and naked, as I see it, into the dangerous world we live in…

  2. Is there a find my phone function with this watch – like the applewatch. Id misplace my iphone in the house and the apple watch would ping it.

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  4. Why the fuck would you recommend a withings hr its a fucking hybrid with a tiny dinky useless little screen on it seriously shit this small shouldnt piss me off but its a fucking smartwatch review dont rwcommend fucking stupid hybrid watches

  5. Please update your review as it appears the late 2019 Wear OS update has really screwed notifications up. I've just bought the watch and am sending it back because the pop up, sound and vibration don't work. Total crap

  6. What is Extended Mode? What features are active when it's in extended mode?
    Why is it so hard to get long battery life on a smart watch that has had 5 generations to perfect? It's not like it's the days when battery operated devices were new and battery technology was new and in it's infancy.

  7. Dude, I Agree with You Fossil 5G Is way Better then Galaxy Active 2, I purchased Galaxy Active 2 Lte and the Sound quality from the Samsung Active 2 sounds crackly compare to Fossil 5G, And I think Google Wear OS is way better than SAMSUNG Active 2 software, my only draw back if Fossil is the Battery Life and lack of LTE,

  8. Okay I'm glad I went with the Galaxy Watch. WearOS needs work. I've used both with and without Samsung phones. Tizen is just simply… better… despite some proprietary setbacks… However there's ways around them (eg. No messages app unless using a Sammy device… Solution: Watchface with shortcuts to txt msgs)

  9. Upgraded to Galaxy watch and i think over the gen 5 its better because of 4-5 day battery,most basic functions,tons of faces,workouts and notification everything it handles like a champ and i dont think i need to fiddle (gen 5) with my watch so much that i keep bugging the watch with some apps vch my smartphone can already do.

  10. Please be aware on this.

    1) battery life :: enabled Bluetooth ONLY ( no watch GPS) and running apps (Google fit) only last for 5 hours.

    2. Standalone GPS :: No GPS signal for watch ONLY. ( After disable phone Bluetooth ). ( Watch connectivity ->GPS is enabled ).

    3. After sales service :: I raise the issue to a few channel ( Facebook fossil, Twitter fossil, international fossil support and Malaysia fossil ). After a month still no get and help from them. Their support(Facebook and Twitter ) only replied once. While customer service is just keep pushing to another guy ( say another team to handle, he.she should raise my ticket directly to another team, and not asks me write in separate email to look for help)

  11. I prefer WearOS but in it's current state and hardware options, I am sticking with Galaxy Watch until I see where the WearOS/Fitbit project goes. That said, I think the Fossil Gen 5 is the best WearOS watch to date but it is very hard to leave the battery life on the Galaxy Watch.

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