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Galaxy S20 Impressions: New Year, New Samsung!

Samsung Galaxy S20 makes all the right moves in all right places.

Galaxy S20 Ultra:

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36 thoughts on “Galaxy S20 Impressions: New Year, New Samsung!

  1. Marques – I know you probably don't read these comments, especially after a few weeks, but you are WRONG on one of your specs. The S20 Ultra AND the S20 Plus both use sub6 + mmWave 5G bands. Only the base S20 version doesn't use the mmWave band. This is an important point for those of us waiting for the T-Mobile and Sprint merger to go live in a few months. Sprint uses the sub6 and T-Mobile uses the mmWave. Put them both together, and you have a much better experience.

  2. I'm asking everyone that's making a video for the s20 is it vr compatible!? It's amazing you talk about everything……!!!! About the BUT IS IT STILL VR COMPATIBLE!?????? LOL

  3. So as usual great videos. But I think that 120Hz 1080p is awesome. What about a 90Hz 1440p. And also as u said 120Hz 1440p. A 90Hz at max resolution would be amazing because it gives u I guess, the best of both worlds combined. What do u think?

  4. Yes- everything is like u said, BUT..just like every Samsung it will slow down plus it will get laggy and not even in longer period- so check out how it performs after a year and then make another review.Its also so bad( but we all got use to it) that even 12 and even 16 gb of ram didnt help Samsung to beat 4 gb ram on latest Iphones- again, with just 4gb ram Iphone still has higher antutu score( last year Iphones)- than again Sony Xperia 1- 2 and Xiaomi Mi 10 have higher scores than Iphones( but thats usual in past years, waiting for new OnePlus 8 Pro)

  5. Hi, I am curious, there’s youtubers out there literally campaigning to advertise Oled shimmering on mobile phones damaging our eyes and yet none of you mayor youtubers are reporting it. Why ?

  6. Marques when a i phone starts from more than 1grand, it's still buyable with reference to the class of the phone.

    Marques when Samsung launch a phone with a lil more price but the most epic camera ever
    "We don't have a grand and a half"

  7. 5 g cells this came out in my area they are Galaxy S20 $999.99 Unlocked
    Galaxy S20+ 1,099.99 Unlocked
    Galaxy S20 Ultra 1,299.99 Unlocked .l know 5g cells would be 50 times more money to get it would be hard like me to get a 5 g cell hopefully more will come out that are less money

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