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Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Mega Phone, Ultra Price

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I’ve spent a week using the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on Verizon’s network from Brooklyn to the boonies. This is the biggest phone I’ve reviewed since the monster iPhone 11 Pro Max – and it needs every cubic millimeter to pack in the glut of features Samsung loves to cram in. From a 108MP camera to a “100X” zoom lens to a 120Hz display to…

24 thoughts on “Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Mega Phone, Ultra Price

  1. I don't believe that some can't tell the difference between 60 and 120 fps.
    That's the main reason Im upgrading. When I got the OnePlus 90 fps screen I noticed it. So much that other screens looked blurry.

  2. I like the older look of Samsung smart phones. Most of these phones are just really tall and slim. I would love to see a wider phone with the current height. Yes I know one handedness is an issue for some, but this phone wouldn't be for those people.

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  4. Great review. When you ask customers to pay 1400 bucks, you don't. The end. It's a bloody smartphone! It's something nobody should be using as much as to make it worth the price. With a 4K Dell XPS 15 as my reliable companion and OnePlus 3T as my daily driver I don't feel the need or have the wish of buying something this extreme. Morals.

  5. The price of the Ultra needs to come down. 1400 is a bit much to ask for… Sure the phone packs a lot of features but I think the S20 or S20 plus might be a better deal…

  6. Sony came out with ULTRA years ago. My fav phone of that era. I’ve had the Mate 20x for over a year and still is super smooth. Get one for $500, bigger and just as good (experience size).

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