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Galaxy S20 Ultra review: Samsung's AWESOME camera is just too expensive

Samsung’s most advanced camera ever comes with envelope-pushing skills, but it will be overkill for many.

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22 thoughts on “Galaxy S20 Ultra review: Samsung's AWESOME camera is just too expensive

  1. Very informative video. You nailed all of the key points in this review. On top of that you had practical uses for the "Why would I need that" features. Outstanding video. You've just convinced another viewer to be a subscriber.

  2. I have been looking into the S20 Ultra since it's original announcement, but I found out recently that I can't upgrade my contract to a new phone till October, so given that the S20 Ultra releases in 18days (UK) I might be better off waiting for the next model or waiting for an actual 16gb ram gaming phone closer to 2021, the S20 Ultra looks great though and compared to competition companies the S20 Ultra seems impressive, but yep in a few months some other phone is likely to push it aside.

    8K: not everyone can afford an 8K TV or Monitor so 8K on your phone may not be too useful, streaming, YouTube support 4K but are not quite on 8K yet, Twitch is pushing to 4K but is primarily 1080P, Facebook Streaming not sure as it's been ages since I did it last.

  3. I can't wait till phone arrives. I pre-ordered the day Samsung let you.
    I read an online article last night that said don't be so fast on ordering it because they think they found some flaws & that the Note that will come out in September will be better than the Ultra. I think there's gonna be flaws on any phone from any maker. I don't care. I'm all about the newest device. Got to have it!!

  4. Man, I want to test and review $1000 dollar phones and keep it for free when I make a video of the pros and cons of common knowledge when using "said" phone. Though, it seems you're attempt to get people not to buy the phone and compliment your photos.
    You should try saying more facts, rather than "I think" or "I don't love the phone because it's a brick and the color " This phone review lacks information, and too much biased opinion so bad, I don't want to watch your full review. Glad too see you enjoying free tech and don't know how to use the variety features. The phone is made to be personalized. Giving you the most, without root in software. And the most with capable hardware . Seems you only looked at the photography. And you took it as a way to get a free $1000 phone. The phone isn't worth your tech Observation. At least you read the front page manual though.

  5. Don't not use the 120 hz.
    Why buy it if you don't want that superlative experience which gives it that signal exclusivity and to such as might think of it as a gimmick well, try it our for a fortnight and then go use your iPhone 11 pro and then reflect on whether it's merely a gimmick or something you find hard to go without.

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