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Galaxy S20 Ultra Review – The Truth.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the ultimate Samsung phone. With every possible hardware or software feature, camera feature and specification thrown into one device, is there too much of a good thing here? Find out in this full review video.

Galaxy S20 Ultra and accessories

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36 thoughts on “Galaxy S20 Ultra Review – The Truth.

  1. I think people give the s20 ultra too much credit.
    Don´t get me wrong this a GREAT phone, but the price tag and features are gonna keep customers away.
    108 megapixels, 100x zoom, 6,9-inch display, display fingerprint reader. Great features, but the average consumer will not need it.
    Most people I know, if they bought it, they would pay I don´t know how much extra for features they don´t need.
    Why couldn´t we get something smaller and nicer, like airdrop, better photo editing tools and so on? The things everyone will need

    I am not hating on Samsung, I just think, that went a bit to overkill with this phone.
    Also. Samsung. For years you have been making jokes on Apple for removing the headphone jack. What are you doing yourself now?

  2. Numbers sound impressive on paper, but it is an ultra flawed phone.
    When will people realize specs is not everything. RAM, MP, Hz, Zoom – you can spec everything out but if it works like a crap, then it's just a high spec-ed crap phone.

  3. Samsung can never give me to much. Let them people innovate. No one else is… But I'll never understand people get mad when the phones are the same every year. But then someone (Samsung) ups the ante they take all the heat for it

  4. Without caring about money, I will not choose the ultra simply because of its size and weight. Why carry 24/7 all this extra size and weight for that one foto in a month I might need to zoom anywhere further from 5x. Because up until 5x the S20 can do just fine.
    In real life situations, after you get over the excitement of zooming all the time just because its a new feature, you will not be using that space zoom often. Portability on the other hand is important.

  5. Samsung now has a published list of all the software updates they plan to do over the next several months. Fixes for the camera auto-focus issues, microphone quality, and dozens of other things. In short, they released the phone before they were done with it, but what phone company DOESN'T do that nowadays?

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