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Galaxy S20 vs S20 ULTRA Hands On! – What's the Difference?

I got a chance to go hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Can’t lie I’m super pumped for Samsung’s new phones. With features like 120 hz refresh rate display, quadruple and triple camera system, space zoom, single take and much more, this might be the most exciting smartphone of 2020 so far.

Stay tuned for my Samsung Galaxy S20 review, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review and relal day in the life….

36 thoughts on “Galaxy S20 vs S20 ULTRA Hands On! – What's the Difference?

  1. S20 sub-6 5G….S20 ultra sub-6 5G and mm wave 5G….. however mm wave may not be available for 2 years in many places… 120 Hertz on a mobile is pointless battery drain. 90 Hertz looks the same, hopefully they'll modify the operating system for this choice.

  2. I remember when web was going insane after Apple launched the iPhone X with the $1000 price tag. We now live in a world where a $1000-1200 is cheap. So much for 'the average consumer'

  3. IM GETTING Ultra on a 24 months contract with a plan and it costs 1450 pounds uk. plus it comes with free airbuds which I'm gonna sell for 100 pounds uk. I will be using my phone for 4 years or so soo it's the best deal for me. upgrading from s6 which i used for 3 years and no scratch on the screen.

  4. You should go into radio brother you got a voice for radio you seriously sound like a DJ on the radio if this doesn’t work out for your reviewing phones great review

  5. If the galaxy 20 lineup is $1000+ imagine the note 20 price tag! I like the specs of the ultra, the size of the screen, and the battery but I have smaller hands so it might be too big for me to hold. I’m wondering how the s20+ battery life would be ?

  6. Does the s20 base have an larger sensor for the camera or is it just the ultra? Is the camera basicly the same as the s10 on the base model or is there something worth noting about it?
    P.s. ultra is science fiction in terms of price.

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