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Gaming on the 2019 MacBook Pro…

Today I test Minecraft and Fortnite on the brand new 8-core 2019 Macbook Pro with the i9 processor and a Radeon Pro 560X bulit-in graphics card. I was actually surprised how good it ran!


Camera I Use:
Canon EOS Rebel SL2

Microphone I Use:
Blue Yeti Microphone

44 thoughts on “Gaming on the 2019 MacBook Pro…

  1. Sorry for having VSync on when testing Minecraft!
    With the highest settings (32 chunks and fancy on everything) I am getting around 65-100 fps. The lowest settings get around 200-225! ?

    Sorry for the confusion and thanks for watching!

  2. Hello Bro,

    I am just planing to purchase this i9 pacakage 2019, how is the keyboard and temprature while productivity? I am getting this for my graphic design work. What do you suggest?

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