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How I Take Notes with My iPad Pro in Lectures (Notability & GoodNotes) + Free Template

Today we’re going through How I take Notes on the iPad Pro, using Notability and GoodNotes

What do I do inside a lecture? How do I break things down?
That’s today’s video.

Black Paper Links.
They are PDF’s of Black Paper shared via google Drive.
After importing them into GoodNotes, you can use them as a template. If you have issues with doing this, please let me know via the comment section.
(NB: This is mainly for GoodNotes5 Users as the app’s dark template is not Black, rather a Dark…

43 thoughts on “How I Take Notes with My iPad Pro in Lectures (Notability & GoodNotes) + Free Template

  1. AMAZING VIDEO!!! This is actually how I study and I end up studying for LONG hours. But it’s worth it right? ? Anyways, Can you make a video on how you organize the notes on your iPad? Like how you format the template/decorate your pages and stuff, I really like the way you place your info on your iPad! ?

  2. I love your energy! As a fellow student in medicine, this video opened my eyes and inspired me on how to study! I hope you achieve your career goals, and that everything you want, you get!

  3. I’m going to uni next year and have been trying to figure out what technology I need to bring and how to best approach taking notes and retaining information

  4. The thing is I have an exam for the Digestive system and because of the coronavirus they said the lectures will be self study except they didn't send the study materials yet and I am angry now ffs

  5. Great content – inspired me to start using my ipad instead of pen & paper notes I have been using forever. Your editing and production are as impressive as your notes! What software do you use to animate the handwriting on your videos? iMovie? Final Cut?

  6. How I take notes: Don't take notes, it's rude to the professor and takes away from the lecture. If you want the benefit of writing things, you can do it, with say, your hand or finger on an empty desk or hand (proven to be just as effective). Focus on understanding and truly taking in the concept. If you must, take notes after the class has concluded, if it's for a class that is hard science. You will take in concepts and remember things better this way..

  7. Dude, this is literally the first time I Watch one of your videos, and the first time I’ve known you even existed.
    With this said… the first 2 minutes gote to subscribe. (And I’m subscribed to only 10 channels, I don’t usually do it). You’re intro bro, powerful and simple.

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