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How many GB do you need on your iPad pro to become a Paperless Student?

What I use: ‍ ◎ iPad pro 2018: ◎ Apple pencil 2: ◎ My mouse: ◎ My iPad pro …

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  1. Hi! I will be in college for four years and I wanna go paperless. I’ll be buying an Ipad Air 3 mainly to write notes for school, scan papers, save ebooks, annotate pdfs. That’s it. I am NOT downloading any apps like YouTube or Instagram. Is 64gb enough for four years?

  2. Hi, im planing to buy the 11” ipad pro 64gb, using it for college (practical software engineering), my plna is to use it for handwriting, maybe writing docs, and using pdf fiels.. refular stuff.. i will probably use noteability for writing mostly, and i will buy apple’s 50gb plan for cloud.. is ut enough for me ?

  3. im planning on getting an ipad pro 64gb for notes and books and occasional short video editing plus i also have 200gb of icloud space will i be fine with a 64gb?

  4. i am a student and i am very much interested to buy ipad solely for note taking , newspaper articles editing .document editing and studying and strictly not for any purpose not even to have a single unwanted file to be on my ipad!!!
    in a dilemma to choose between the two which falls under the same price bracket ipad 2018 9.7 128 GB vs ipad pro 10.5 64GB version?
    will updating the ipad for the ios update will consequenlty reduce the internal storage as i have no knowledge about ios software updation or it replaces the previous one ? As i like to use my ipad for atleat 3 – 5 years?

  5. I'm thinking about buying an iPad pro and I'll be only using it for drawing and have apps like Procreate, Sketchbook, Medibang and IBIS paint. You think 64gb will be enough?

  6. You don’t need to buy garage band back. I deleted mine and it has a cloud by it on the App Store. Plus I’ve installed and deleted a few times without ever having to pay.

  7. Hey! I know this is an older video but I have a question. I’m a bio major and want to go paperless. And I was wondering what I’m better off with, the 32 gb vs 128 gb iPad Pro. I’d really only use this for downloading textbooks, PDFs, documents, and heavy note taking . The prices for the pro are significantly more expensive than for the new 2018 iPad so I’m trying to save as much as possible. And all the videos I’ve watched recommend the pro over the new iPad

    Ps – I have my phone and kindle for entertainment so won’t really worry about media consumption.

  8. Would I be okay if I got a 32gb iPad Pro if I have 200gb of iCloud storage? I plan on using my iPad for note taking, Microsoft office, web browsing, social media, and Netflix

  9. Should I go for the new ipad (6th gen) 2018 128 GB or ipad pro 10.5 64 GB? I got a discount on ipad pro 64 GB version pricing only slightly above the new ipad 2018 128 GB model. My workflow will be similar to you and I am a medstudent buying to take notes and do tutorial videos…Kindly reply pls..

  10. You can delete GarageBand with no negative consequences. Recently Apple made this application (and other apps like Pages and iMovie) free for everyone to download and use. And before that, buying a new and unused iOS device after September 2013 used to unlock these apps for free for your account (so for older devices you may have as well).

  11. I see you do not use the built in (ios11) file manager. Is there any advantage to the app you use instead?

    I use many similar apps including pinnacle pro. I would recommend anyone with a pro iPad get the 128gb as a minimum. While I realise this is not available anymore anything less quickly becomes too small too quickly

    May I also recommend drafts as an app. This is an excellent app mainly for jotting down text and my dream would be the integration with good notes. Write in good notes and drag as converted text to drafts. (Leo explains it more in https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/ios-today-video-lo/id382079346?mt=2&i=1000397838513 ….around the 1.22 time)

  12. I have 32GB iPad Pro + 100GB Amazon Drive plan (cheapest)

    that is more than enough for document annotation and writing, for music I use Spotify, for video I use Netflix

  13. I have the 9.7 iPad Pro in 32gb. I don’t have a lot of music on mine, but I do have a lot of audio tracks ( I’m a modern languages teacher ). I also have a lot of pics and a few document apps on there and I’ve only used 14.1gbs. So for those going paperless I think 32gb or 64gb iPads are more than enough.

  14. For my iPad Pro, If i have a mac book would it be in my best interest for the 256 or would I be okay with the 64gb. It's completely just for notes and textbooks. My backpack just gets really heavy with all my stuff.

  15. The newer iPad Pro 2017 models only come in 64, 256 and 512 GB. I’m an Information Technology/ Computer Science student and chose a 12.9” iPad Pro 256 GB mainly because I like to take photos of notes that my tutors make on the board if I’ve missed anything. I’ve never had to record before either but that doesn’t mean that in the next following years that I won’t.

  16. Thanks for your video. i learned a lot from them. I've bought a 12.9 inch ipad pro and I'm wondering if I need to get a screen protector for it. I'm concerned that it will affect my writing. Could you give me some suggestion? Thanks!

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