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How to Connect to a Server on iOS 13

In this video we show you how to connect to a server via SMB on iOS 13. The updated Files app now allows you to connect to a server, read files, and upload as well. It’s very similar to Mac and is great that it’s finally on iOS.
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24 thoughts on “How to Connect to a Server on iOS 13

  1. Please help… Whenever i am trying to connect to the server it shows 'the operation could not be completed '…. But I can access the server from my android phone

  2. Airport Extreme with External Drive. Accessed via regular Mac OS but not with IOS devices using 10.3.3. From you video awesome if using a domain name. So I guess the IP of the Router is not working within the Lan. I am assuming with have to set the Airport Extreme with a domain name? Looking for videos addressing the IOS 13 and Airport Extremes that uses External Drive hooked up via USB. Thanks.

  3. I'm beeing honest and direct, I don't usually like young people doing tech reviews. 1. they USUALLY lack experience; 2. they always start like "Hi guys, friends, we are so lucky there's another my videoooo…" (you are no friend with anyone, buddy, not just at their first visit, and not until you create something like a bond).
    BUT I liked your video: your look humble, just a good guy; I like the location; I like your way of speaking. You could have done a bit more of broll… to be 100% honest.
    I subscribed to your channel.
    greetings from Italy!

  4. No thumbnails of the files so the function is useless for me. How can I fast find a picture if I have to open more than 400 files just to view the preview? Apple needs to implement thumbnails in the files list.

  5. Got 2 questions:
    1. How can you upload files into the NAS directly with an SD card reader? Can you use the files app alone or have to use other third parties?
    2. Can you somehow get the files app to show the preview of the doc before tapping on it? It's so annoying especially when trying to find a picture!

  6. Hey. may be someone could help out.
    I can connect to my Hard drive which is connected to Airport Extreme, i can see main Folder, but when i enter it – "Content Unavailable. The folders contents could not be displayd becouse of an unknown error."

    There shoukd be phots and videos folders…
    Any ideas?
    Thank you

  7. This functionality of iOS is clearly unfinished, on other apps it very easy to add a NAS running a SMB server, with Apple’s own Files it simply not working. I tried many ways.
    With just the plain IP address followed by an existing user/password combination it comes with a popup saying “this operation is not supported”.
    With other apps it simply finds the SMB server and just user/password entry and “bang” you’re connected.

  8. Great video man. Do I need to connect my Hdd to my router? My router is in bridge mode with my AirPort Extreme. Can I connect my Hdd to the AirPort Extreme instead of to the router?

  9. I just build my first NAS, so excited for iPadOS / IOS 13! Do I need anything special running on my NAS to connect to it outside of my homenetwork?
    anyways, thanks for the vid.

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