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How to Pair Apple Watch With iPhone

New models of Apple Watch have been released, so in case you need to connect your brand new Apple Watch to the iPhone, try this video tutorial.

Now the very first thing you need to do in order to start pairing it, is to turn it on. You can easily do that by holding down on the power button. It is the larger one on the right side. Hold it until you see the Apple logo show up. Once it is there you just need to wait. It can actually last a while until something happens. That of course depends…

28 thoughts on “How to Pair Apple Watch With iPhone

  1. I own the 1st gen Apple Watch and a new iPhone 11. The watch was first sync with my older iPhone. How to resync? I can’t get any weather data on my watch. I can’t even update the watch.

  2. i find it weird that the watch serie 1 still works on iphone xr. im so glad it do because about a year ago i switched to samsung and now back to apple and glad i did!

  3. This video is honestly kind of helpful, but you put so much useless information like how much battery life it's asking for, needing to charge the phone and the watch. Really?? Just have both fully charged before shooting a video. Those are obvious things that don't need to be talked about.

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