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How to Pair Your Apple Watch With Your iPhone

The Apple Watch doesn’t work alone. You’ll need an iPhone. Here’s how to pair a brand-new Apple Watch with an iPhone and do the initial setup.

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Our very own Editor-In-Chief, Dan Costa gets up close and personal with the Apple Watch!

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37 thoughts on “How to Pair Your Apple Watch With Your iPhone

  1. Is the loading time for the wrist pairing stage suppose to take a rather long time? I’ve been waiting around 2-3 hours for it to go to the next stage

  2. iPhone 6 does not have IOS 13. OK ? You need IOS 13 to pair IPhone with Series 3 . Max IOS available on IPhone 6 is 12. So , don't try . You will be wasting your time and money. You need IOS 13. If you have IPhone 6s upwards with IOS 13 its ok. The vlogger says he uses IPhone 6 , but , I DON"T THINK SO….

  3. Can you use it when phone is connected to mobile data instead of WiFi? And is watch connected to your iPhone and WiFi both or only WiFi when completely setup?
    Can you use Apple watch without iPhone?

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