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I Ditched My iPad Pro for the Surface Pro 6! (But Only Made It A Week!)

As daily iPad Pro users for our professional workflow, we get categorized as power users. We tried to give up our iPad Pro for the Surface Pro 6, but we only made it a week. Here is what we loved, and didn’t love, about the Microsoft Surface Pro 6.


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41 thoughts on “I Ditched My iPad Pro for the Surface Pro 6! (But Only Made It A Week!)

  1. That's hilarious because my sister couldn't last one day on her iPad 2019. We had to rely on my Surface Pro 6 to do pretty much everything. She was trying to transfer a video made on a camera, but because iOS 13 didn't support the file format, they wouldn't show up on the iPad at all. We spent hours, until I converted the file from the Surface Pro which still didn't work because the codec wasn't supported either. So, we had to convert again with a different codec this time around and it finally shows up on the iPad. Heck even iMovie is terrible on the iPad, my sister couldn't get basic functions done on that either, we used Microsoft's included editor for her first video, and it worked a lot better even though it hardly has any features.

    My sister finally settled on using Splice which is alright, but once again, very limited. You could get more done on actual software like Premiere or Davinci Resolve. Anyways, I'm a former Mac user, and to this day I don't buy the notion that an iPad can replace a Mac or PC. iPads are terrible for any real work. I was thinking about replacing my iMac for an iPad Pro, but when I look at reviews I realized it's too limiting. Which is why I bought the Surface Pro 6 last year, and i love it. I'm platform agnostic, so I don't have anything against Mac or Windows. I just felt it would be a better choice over an iPad Pro, and it was.
    I'm a designer, and I find it hard to believe anyone could comfortably use an iPad Pro for any real work. It's great as a companion device, but that's about it.

  2. Love my Surface Pro 6 but Microsoft support and quality is the real issue I think. In my case, my unit had a broken battery. MS support promises me that they replace it for a new one because I report this just after purchase. They return a refurbished one with loose kickstand and screen issue. Found many comments like this seems like Microsoft usually replace units for refurbished ones.

  3. If you want to draw then buy the ipad. If you don't want to draw, then buy a laptop. Surface is just an expensive laptop with less power.

  4. Both ipad and surface both have their strengths and weaknesses. Keepa me from being either of them…which sucks because I really need a tablet haha.

  5. So, after a whole year with and iPad I decided to purchase the surface pro 7. I honestly regret buying the iPad. While the iPad has apps that I'm going to miss (Goodnotes and Procreate), the surface has all I need. Plus, I find that the pen for the surface is actually better (more accurate, because before you put the pen down, you'll know where is going to be) the downside of the pens is that it uses AAAA batteries, while the iPad one is rechargeable).

    I can do homework, since the iPad is not so good with websites like Pearson and apps like the Microsoft Office ones. I love the keyboard on the Surface and also is more versatile, sometimes It's more convenient to use the touch-screen, other times is more convenient to use an actual mouse.

    Of course, if you have an apple ecosystem going on, I would think about it more, since the convenience of that ecosystem.

    But yeah, all I have missed these past few weeks has been those apps, not because I can't find good ones with the surface pro (Clearly there's Photoshop, Medibang, and OneNotes which are perfect), but because I got used to them and they had features I enjoyed.

    Things to note:
    – My iPad got as warm using Procreate (sometimes worse) as my Surface Pro using Photoshop (More powerful app)
    – Keyboard has never been "not aligned perfectly sometimes", its magnetic and for me it always find the right and only hole it can fit in the Surface.
    – Windows Hello is better that the FaceID, the only times it failed me is the first time I set it up I was wearing makeup. I set it up later without makeup and its perfectly fine (even when I wear glasses or makeup)

    Another thing is, I didn't expected this video to be unbiased since its actually made by a channel called "AppleInsider". The thing is it was obvious because the reason for them to go back to the iPad was just like when a friend goes back to their toxic ex. "idk man it feels right".

  6. Apple Fanboy here with a Surface Pro 6 for one year now. Honestly, as a tablet it SUCKS! The iPad does such a better job at being a tablet. But, when I actually need to get work done I always reach for my surface pro. A few observations: web browsing is so much better on the iPad. On the Surface Pro, you're running DESKTOP browsers, not tablet. Anyone who has used Windows for more than 5 minutes (or even a Mac for that matter) knows that when you have a ton of tabs open, your computer gets hot, burns the battery down, and slows down tremendously. That is my experience with the Surface pro – but on the iPad, it does a much better job. However, on the iPad, it's very difficult to maintain all those browser tabs or even have more than one browser open the way it is on the Surface Pro. Also, some sites still use Flash. The iPad still can't do flash. Having an expandable file system on the Surface Pro is nice. I picked up a 256GB Micro SDXC card for $30 bucks! Apple charges you $200 to go from the 64GB iPad to the 256! Moving up to 1TB would cost you $700 more on the iPad pro, I can get a 1TB Micro SDXC card for just north of $100 bucks! Outlook, Excel and all the Office apps work much better on a Surface Pro.. So, in my professional opinion, the iPad Pro is an ideal choice for someone who has a 100% Apple Ecosystem and wants to edit photos, movies, or music. If your primary use is to consume media, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY, get the $329 iPad. If your primary use is to get work done (spreadsheets, email, etc) get the Surface Pro. One more thing, the Surface Pro can plug into a dock with external monitors making it a very transportable computer for working from the office and then undocking it and sliding it into your backpack to go to the coffee shop and work. The iPad Pro is a SECONDARY device, you really can't dock it into a station with a keyboard, mouse and dual monitors like you can a Surface Pro. As someone who flys a lot, I LOVE the portability of the Surface Pro, I only wish my company's IT department would allow it, then it would be my primary computer for work.

  7. So you only made it 1 week with surface because you are from apple insider and you wanted to make this video in which you wanted to explain the pros of using an ipad but ended up comparing the two, which we could have watched on other channels in much more details.
    That explains the dislikes.

  8. Well obviously you're going to pick the ipad over the surface…. Your channel literally screams apple supporter LOL. you need to stop comparing apple products to surface products. They're completely different. I can't remember the last time a macbook pro or macbook air converted into a tablet.

  9. Guys stop fighting over ipad and surface.

  10. I'm a Microsoft fanboy , this is actually an accurate review. Good job sir. Apples iOS apps are clean and specific to the tablet. Windows apps are definitely not. So i can understand why he would go back. For me, i have to have my compatibly and customization, plus the type cover is boss. Again awesome review, i was expecting it to be dumb because of the title. Like "one week? Not possible" . But I see now it is just preference, valid one at that.

  11. you use surface pro as a laptop, as limited laptop exactly with extra touch screen. but ipad pro is real tablet, maybe it is use IOS which compared to android os, but ios on ipad is different with ios on iphone. ios on ipad is optimize for big screen, the app is more powerfull than iphone version, and has real pro apps for touch screen like photoshop(not lite version). even surface dont have that.

  12. Have an ipad pro and enjoy it, however as I have been using photoshop, indesign, and illustrator more for school I have realized that the ipad simply cannot deliver with those. I do have and use affinity photo and designer on it, its just annoying to have to learn other software that is not industry standard and that I would not use very often. The ipad pro definitely has its place, however I did not spend the near $1200 on it just to check email, take notes and watch youtube, really considering swapping it for the surface pro 7.

  13. Horrible overview or whatever you call this. Why did you switch to the iPad? It really doesn’t matter because you are comparing two different devices not in the same category. I guess its because you don’t want a full blown functional OS vs a limited tablet OS.

  14. Baso, both devices are good for their target audience. For me, the iPad Pro is the one for me, which is why I have one, whilst another person may prefer the Surface Pro as it meets their needs better than the iPad Pro.

  15. Ultimately, the choice comes down to the operating system. iOS works far more smoothly in perfect harmony with Apple’s hardware and in my opinion offers a much nicer UI, with the roll out of iPad OS13 I think the iPad Pro is In a class of it’s own. It is the most versatile computing device out there and blows everything else out of the water!

    The Apple Smart Keyboard is designed to complement the iPad Pro’s portability and is actually not a bad keyboard, well and purposely designed by Apple to do the job for which it was intended. I have and prefer the Brydge pro. It is more tactile and has a top row of useful iOS short cut and media control keys. That is just personal preference

    I think there are those of you out there who will knock Apple products simply because they are Apple, and you are narked when people display a leanin toward Apple. Judge a product on it’s merits, or, lack of them, not on it’s designer or manufacturer.

  16. you are comparing a full blown PC to a mobile device they are not the same thing. When it comes down to the things it can do the Surface blows the iPad out of the water on almost every aspect.

  17. I have both. The iPad experience is so much smoother and better but the surface has the power of a desktop OS. Windows wasn't built with tablets in mind so the experience is not as optimized. I love my iPad pro but I always find myself needing to pull out my surface to open a webpage or application that is not supported by the mobile OS of the iPad.

  18. Let’s face it, one is a PC in a great form factor and the other is an iPad. They’re not really competitors, each with its own uses (albeit with some overlap). In an ideal world, I would have both!

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