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iOS 14, iPads, MacBooks, 2020 iPhone and More

Apple is hard at work on iOS 14 and new products. They are still apparently planning a March 2020 event where it should showcase some new products such as MacBooks, iPads, iPhone SE or iPhone 9, iOS 13.4 and more. Lately though there has been more information about iOS 14, AirTags, iPads Pro, new Apple Watches, and the iPhone 12 or 2020 iPhones. In this video I go over the latest information about all of the upcoming features and changes to Apple’s lineup and iOS 14 as well. #iOS13…

22 thoughts on “iOS 14, iPads, MacBooks, 2020 iPhone and More

  1. Hey guys,

    i have an issue with my alarm in the clock app. It doesn’t make sound or ring most of the time, but it works in the background. After snoozing, it will ring for the next time.

    I experienced this issue on iPhone 6s, 8 Plus, and now XR. Anyone can help please?

  2. How much lower do you think the price for a 2018 iPad Pro 11” will drop if the make a new iPad Pro this year, because i want to get the new MacBook Pro of this year and an iPad Pro for maximizing my pro workflow

  3. Hi .. I transferred data from iphone x to iphone 11 .. now all videos and photos when i play first it downloading then i can watch .. means without internet I can’t see my videos .. pleaee tell how i manage??

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