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iPad Air (2019) review: Apple finds the sweet spot

the iPad Air is the goldilocks product between the iPad and iPad Pro. There’s nothing new here but this is the best iPad for most users, much more capable than the 9.7-inch iPad and far less expensive than the iPad Pro

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27 thoughts on “iPad Air (2019) review: Apple finds the sweet spot

  1. Why don't anyone talk about Backlight bleeding issues on these new apple shits?
    We pay 1000s of dollars for their crap and their Quality assurance sucks.
    and when you bring them back to their service centres they can't do anything other than telling you that either they can't see it or this is normal.

  2. I have both the IPad Air 2019, and the MacBook Pro 16 inch. What I use the iPad Air for is for note taking, media consumption, and light game play when I finish my work early.
    What I use the MacBook Pro 16inch for is work and productivity …..The MacBook Pro is great for submitting my field reports and just having a device with a huge screen and all day battery life. I love both machines, and love how easy they speak to each other.

  3. I feel like of you're going to spend $1000 or more on an iPad you should just save up for a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. However, if you're looking for something to read/ answer your emails, watch some Netflix or YouTube and play some games and do light work stuff then get the iPad Air.

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