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iPad for Architects 2019

My iPad Pro Architecture Workflow

Today’s video is all about how I use my iPad Pro as an architect. I do a lot of research before investing in a product. When I was researching about iPad for architects I didn’t really found one that answered some of the questions I had. This is my attempt to be that resource. This video aims to show MY personal use. By no means is this an extensive app review. There are a ton of apps out there which I haven’t explored, but I do like to keep my process…

34 thoughts on “iPad for Architects 2019

  1. I’m a student in interior design! And I’m sharing with people how could an iPad be helpful for interior designers! Check out my channel and please help to get more subscribers even it’s in French! Tanks for support! Thanks for the the share

  2. Hi and thanks for the video. I have an iPad Pro 10.5 and someone is asking me some 3D views of a house and send to this person screen shots of the interior of the house, so, which app do you recommend to easily produce great 3D renderings? Since this is not my field I went to the App Store and found a couple of them very interesting but I am a professional photographer and do not know nothing about architecture. Thanks in advance

  3. Hi Jon, great video 🙂 i can get the ipad pro 10.5 used for 350 usd or the 11inch for another 300 more which kinda exceeds my budget.
    Do you believe that the 10.5 is good enough to run apps like sharp3d, morpholio , procreate etc or should i give that 300 extra usd?
    thank you

  4. Late to game here, Jon. But, I’m definitely going to explore better ways to integrate my iPad into my process. My company supplied the iPad, and most folks in my office barely use theirs.

  5. Hi Jon,
    Could you please make a video about the process of becoming a licensed Architect in US. How was your experience? How long did it take you to complete your exams?

  6. Love the vid Jon. I was thinking of getting a Samsung Tab, so that i can bring my model as well to site, but I might get an iPad Pro because of this video. haha! long time bro!

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