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iPad Pro 2018 Review – My Student Perspective

The 2018 Apple iPad Pro is the best tablet ever. But for college or university students like myself, is it enough to be a laptop alternative or replacement? Find out in this video. Thanks to PaperLike for sponsoring this video!:

Apple iPad Pro 2018

USB C + Lightning + MicroUSB cable thing I mentioned:

Best note taking app for iPad -…

31 thoughts on “iPad Pro 2018 Review – My Student Perspective

  1. One question, what do you do with that keyboard when you are taking handwritten notes ?

    I have the 12.9 iPad Pro with the pencil and keyboard but I don’t know what to do with the keyboard when I am note taking. Do I just flip it and keep it on the back ? Do I put the iPad completely over the keyboard ( like when you switch from the first position to the second but instead of snapping in there you can put it over the keys) but I am afraid it will damage the keyboard.

    What do you do ?

  2. How do you afford so much tech? All I want is a laptop and a phone (new student) , but even buying a laptop under $1000 and a phone under $200 has been a challenge for me. Do you own China or something?

  3. 120hz is fast… but not even close to the level of "never seen anything like it". 144 and 240hz monitors are pretty commonplace and easy to buy, so yeah 120hz is good but not THAT good

  4. thing is, where i live (England,London) you cant take any electrical devices (in high skl)….so we have to take notes with our HANDS? for college i lowkey wanna move to America smh…..

  5. Is there a dedicated notes app that you use specifically for school notes or do you just use the one that came with the ipad itself? And if you use a dedicated app, which do you recommend for regular school usage in which i can seperate note taking for different classes and such?

  6. If the iPad Pro were your only tech product for school to write papers, do research and PowerPoints would you go for the 12.9 inch instead of the 11 ? I want to choose between one of the two i just cant picture myself writing multiple page reports on such a small screen. But i lack the experience and could really use your help.

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