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iPad Pro 2019 One Year On… A Graphic Designers Review

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In this video, I talk all about the iPad Pro from Apple in 2019 – is it worth buying an iPad Pro if you’re a graphic designer? Apps like Procreate and Autodesk Sketch have dominated the drawing app market, but can Adobe Photoshop, Fresco and Illustrator make a come back to the iPad Pro…

31 thoughts on “iPad Pro 2019 One Year On… A Graphic Designers Review

  1. the simple fact when it comes to things like this bending or cracking or scratching is that people are not willing to hold themselves accountable & accept responsibillity for their actions. if you look after your belongings properly, they won’t end up damaged/broken. if you break your things or damage them, it is nobodys fault but your own.

  2. I'm going to get an iPad pro soon with tax returns. Not going to wait for the 2020 model, it will just cost more and this one is plenty powerful for what I want (graphic and web design) and I like the V2 pen.

  3. The ipad pro is not a laptop replacement because apple makes it so you buy it as well as a laptop that's why it has different features like the apple pencil and many other features most laptops don't and doesn't have some features most laptops do

  4. Glad i got the Air 3 instead. Doesn’t have the Bend Problem and is just as future proof at 1/2 the price. Still great and plenty for professional design work. Ipad pro kinda just a money sink imo the upgrades to it dont justify the 6-700$ price difference between it and the Air 3. The 1more gb of ram is really the only improvement as far as potential art functionality goes but even that is minimal bc most ppl arent making 90layer pieces in pro create. I do professional logo design, commission work etc and Air gets me 40-50 layers on most things. And i rarely ever use more than like 10-15layers. Only reason i could see someone absolutely needing a Pro over an Air would be for hardcore video editing and Photo editing raw images. Otherwise its just for Vanity. I see alot of kids/young adults deluding themselves into thinking the ipad pro is their only option when realistically they wont even use 1/3 of his hardware functionality/capacity doing their small art projects and college notes. If you’re not a legitimate professional Designer/Photographer then you definitely dont need a pro and even if you are its unlikely that you need more than an Air 3 unless you just have extra money to spend.

  5. Can you use procreate with out internet connection? I have internet at home but there are some times when I think I would want to use that program without having an internet connection. Is that possible?

  6. I actually just picked up the 11 in ipad pro 256gb for $150 last week and i LOVE this thing. After iPad OS came out i have had my eye on it, before iPad OS it just seemed like a big iPhone, but with its own OS its a GAME CHANGER and now its my main laptop and part of my EDC ???

  7. We still didn't need an iPad. The only reason we need it is because Apple created it instead of build everything that is an iPad into a MacOS tablet. The Windows tablets were and are the right idea, from the standpoint of a consumer. The execution has just never been what it needs to be and still isn't. The Surface Pen is the best it's ever been but still rather crappy and more expensive than a Wacom Stylus! Desktop programs are clunky. But in the absence of mobileOS tablets like Android and iOS, I wonder if more would have been done to perfect the single device that could do it all. I think Apple could have built a better tablet PC than Microsoft could in a hundred years, but of course, Apple was just looking for another widget to sell us. That widget was the iPad Pro.

  8. I still have a first generation ipad Pro 12.9. It's glitch city! When I first turn it on, I used to type my password really fast. Not anymore. I start typing my pass word, I might get in 1 digit or 2, then it freezes. I tap the same number over and over and over but it doesn't respond. Eventually, it'll "wake up". Once I get it going, it continues to glitch in other areas. Using Procreate now is just an endless amount of tapping or swiping and nothing happening. No other app was ever not glitchy. Youtube has it's issues. I used to use my right thumb on the right side of the screen to scroll. Not anymore. After one of the updates, my thumb constantly clicks links rather than just scrolling. I was hoping that a future update might quickly resolve this, but after a few more updates, that problem is not going away.

    By comparison, my ancient Android tablet started out life being slow. Over the years, it just got slower, but it didn't get glitchy. Just slower. Now I'm looking to replace the iPad Pro with something new and I don't know what I should get. I'm not a fan of Windows or the Surface Pro, but I'm leaning in that direction. And really, the iPad Pro outfitted the way I would want it would cost about the same price.

  9. Hello guys, does any of you have problems with the storage on the 12,9 Ipad pro? It seems that my unit shows wrong amount of free space. When deleting large files in the file app, the available storage remains unchanged, looking like I wouldn’t have deleted the files, even though the files are not anymore there.

  10. it was an expensive purchase…but has been life changing for art making and research for paintings…definitely important as much as art supplies. oh and you can send emails too…ha.

  11. Me: Hey mom, can I get a new iPad? The one right now is slowing down, and I’m running out of space.
    Dad: No. The iPads these days are like $450… so expensive!
    Mom: Yeah, it’s too expensive. No.
    If only they knew

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