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iPad Pro – A designer's review

My thoughts on the hardware and software of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and how I use them as part of my design process!

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The iPad Pro is a pretty powerful little device! I’ve been loving using it to add more hand drawn elements to my web designs, and to practice my lettering. If you’ve been thinking…

31 thoughts on “iPad Pro – A designer's review

  1. Why don’t you design up a app for coding? So that all of the things you are not able to do on the iPad Pro at the moment you can then do, I have been learning how to use my new iPad Pro it’s really good, I am going to download the apps you have recommended and I will have a little play with them as I am designing dress patterns, and have been designing bags but haven’t found my zone yet with the apps I have been using =) it’s like oh I like that colour but I can’t get that sheen to make it look a certain way on paper for the presentation board. I have also been to a business gateway event to get the vibe of thing,once I pass my my driving test I will be up and running in a year. Only seems like yesterday I was watching your video in my HNC class at Nescol =) I got my cover from Tesco the pink sparkles one it works the same way, I have the Apple Pencil that is magnetic.

  2. Do you think the iPad is good for someone learning to draw, vs a pro artist? If I get good in a years time or improve my skills, should I wait to get the 12.9 new iPad pro? I've ordered the 11" without thinking but I think it should be suitable for procreate and all that just fine, or am I wrong?

  3. have never been using apple products. what about ipad 2018 for Maya rendering and zbrush 3d painting compare with surface pro 6 and surface book 2? more/less performance. any thoughts r welcome

  4. We're thinking of getting an iPad for sketching, but our desktop uses Windows OS and we have no other Apple products. How difficult would it be to move our iPad sketches to a computer using Windows OS?

  5. Most of the iPad Pro cases and protectors surround the camera lens which ends up making the bottom of the iPad completely flat and level. Looking forward to that "How to Procreate" video.

  6. can you use photoshop and illustrator? or can the files from the apps transfer and be edit by photoshop and illustrator? What is the different between ipad pro and mac? what do you recommend for a long-term main machine for design between mac, ipad pro, microsoft surface book/pro?

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