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iPad Pro in 2020 Review – Why it's Future-Proof!

The 2018 iPad Pro is now 15 months old.. but somehow.. it still feels new! We discuss the Top 5 Features that help it stay fresh in 2020 and beyond!
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The 2018 iPad…

26 thoughts on “iPad Pro in 2020 Review – Why it's Future-Proof!

  1. This video reminds me of the Console vs PC war, but it's Tablet vs Laptop. It's funny how excited people get about having mouse support or being able to put files in a folder… Welcome to 1970, iPad users.

  2. Average Apple iOS devices support and new OS versions is 3-5 years. So in 2022 max 23 will be a brick, if not bent before leading to display issues. So, no, is not future proof by any means.

  3. Are people seriously looking at looks vs performance? What!!! I don’t care how the iPad looks nor do I care of thinner iPad I’d rather have more performance and longer battery life before looks. Ugh! So who’s the one that bitched about making the MacBook Pro thinner to where they overheat. If something is too heavy to carry it get a smaller one but don’t ruin it for everyone else… I wish they would add a second subculture port to charge while accessing a dang usbc hard drive. Think of practical use not freaking looks. I am no longer a fan of apple.

  4. This is an excellent purchase. I use it for online schooling and as my main computer it’s fantastic! Luma fusion for the iPad (editing app) is great for school, and I’ve done most of my projects using it!

  5. I do not agree with your video. I like the iPad pro 2018 a lot, really. But I have been running into annoying disturbances. I bought it in Dec. 2019. After 1 month the iPad refused to start, I had to reinstall the system and I lost all my data. A week later suddently the screen started to show pink lines and the system stopped responding. I could not turn off the iPad. I had to bring it to a store and wait 90 minutes for them to restore my iPad. Again lost my data, they said don’t restore your iPad. After 2 weeks it seems to work fine. Not being able to turn off the iPad is a big issue for me. Moreover it is not possible in any ways to repair any part of the iPad (no scren repairs, no battery replacement, everything is glued together. Only shred it will help when any electronic part stops working). This is a big issue for me, as I like to let devices be repaired when needed and battery be replaced. Another criticism is about the expensive and good Apple Pencil 2, yet not perfect. The tool/rubber switcher, by double tapping the Pencil is unwantedly switching when writing. IOS 13 also still have bugs and seems unfinished in a way. Apple, what has been wrong with you at the iPad team. Such an expensive yet not perfect device! I hope for improvments in future, this device has a great potential.

  6. I have iPad Pro 10.5. I upgraded to 11 but returned it within a month cuz for my daily use I couldn’t justify the price. (It’s higher now, renewed at least)
    I love the 10.5 and use it everyday. Even play CoD with controller quite often. I have a PC for heavy gaming.
    And 10.5 does EVERYTHING 11 does. Even external drive now. Grab a used one for $390.

  7. Folks interested in whether the iPad Pro is usable for software development might find the following blog helpful. It mentions that there's no Esc key and the Caps Lock key cannot be globally-mapped to Ctrl apparently. It's amazing how advanced the IBM Model M keyboard was for its day. I wonder why Apple has such troubles providing a keyboard that's friendly for software developers (I'm typing this on a Mac Book Pro from 2011 which seems OK but I still miss having physical Page Up/Down, Insert and Home keys). https://arslan.io/2019/01/07/using-the-ipad-pro-as-my-development-machine/

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