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iPad Pro in 2020: The Complete Experience!

Taking on the challenge of replacing everything with the iPad Pro for one week. Here’s how it went!

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39 thoughts on “iPad Pro in 2020: The Complete Experience!

  1. Great video bro, I love the convenience of the iPad Pro, and it’s so thin, and a great gaming option, I have the apple smart keyboard folio with the i-BLASON case that fits with the keyboard, you should review it bro I recommend that case ??, Great job man…

  2. I have the 12.9 2018 version with the Logitech keyboard and it has changed my life as far as note taking/studying and its so fun to use for watching movies/tv shows!

  3. Sees black dragon dbrand skin
    Me: ah, a man of culture!

    In all seriousness, are you planning on reviewing the Macbook Pro 16"? I like your review and editing style. Well-earned sub!

  4. They need to add more things on the ipad os (a real file system will be a dream come true but I doubt they will do that)
    Also it needs more productivity apps

  5. I recently bought a macbook pro 13” and was thinking to buy an iPad pro just because of the tons of sales rn, I currenlty have an iPad 6th gen is it worth the jump??

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