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iPad Pro iPadOs: Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Mouse 2 on 10.5…

Alot of people have questions on if these worked…
Here you go!!!

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20 thoughts on “iPad Pro iPadOs: Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Mouse 2 on 10.5…

  1. hello for everyone who sees this. i bought the magic mouse 2 to connect it to my 10.5 inch iPad Air. When i go to settings It doesn’t find any devices I charged it like an hour it still doesn’t work !! How much time do you even have to charge … ? If it still not gonna work should i call apple ? Thanks for the helpers !!!

  2. It worked and I could use my mouse on my iPad but I had to connect it to Windows and now my iPad doesn’t recognize the mouse anymore, so does someone know how to fix it please ?

  3. Hey, I bought the magic mouse 2 and i‘m trying to pair with ipad pro 10.5. It doesnt work.Do you have to charge the mouse before? How long does the charging take? I don‘t have a mac, only the ipad… And if I follow the steps in your tutorial, it doesnt work… Does anyone know how to fix this? Please help.

  4. Edit: Apparently it all stopped working after the iPadOS 13.3 update.. and Apple is not planning on making them work properly for iPads and such.. (I contacted Apple Support about this and that’s what they have told me)

    Somehow I am struggling to get the Apple Magic Mouse 2 connected to my iPad Pro 10.5 2017.. it doesn’t detect the device.. and my iPhone 11 does detect the device. Help please ?

  5. You can use the track pad and navigate around different screens. Just use the pointer as if it your finger. Click the bottom drag up to get to homescreen. Click drag down upper right for brightness etc. r

  6. Thanks for the info! Following your instructions I was able to connect my original Magic Mouse (2 AA Battery Version) to my 6th Generation iPad running iPadOS 13.2 and it’s working perfectly. I discovered that you can edit/customize the “Top Level Menu” shortcuts that appear in the pop up menu by going into Settings—>Accessibility—>Touch—>AssistiveTouch—>Customize Top Level Menu. It’s taking a little getting used to not being able to use the gestures (especially scrolling) but the ability to right click and quickly access certain shortcuts is definitely helpful. Thanks again for the video.

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