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iPad Pro (iPadOS) vs MacBook Pro (Catalina)

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How does the iPad Pro with iPadOS stack up against the MacBook Pro with MacOS Catalina? Let’s find out.
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43 thoughts on “iPad Pro (iPadOS) vs MacBook Pro (Catalina)

  1. Been watching a lot of these videos, including several of your own, and this one is surprisingly helpful, even after watching all the other similar videos. You should definitely take this approach in other similar videos!
    Now all that remains is how do I justify this purchase to my wife. Maybe you could help with that too ?

  2. Hey Daily Tekk hows it going? What exactly do you mean by “Power User”? Apparently I am not one, but I would like to find out what you meant so that I can determine whether or not I want to become one. “Power” as in hierarchy status in the apple ecosystem, or “power” as in functionality/ usage of the machine itself?

  3. What I really want on the iPad is the ability to ensure that apps stay open in the background, that I can play more than one sound source at once and to be able to install things from outside the app store (or maybe just include PPSSPP/iTorrent/etc on the AppStore).

  4. Just having base macbook air retina, and needing more power for a loptop, so i can't choose between ipad pro 2018 or macbook pro 13 2019, help me to choose?

  5. Years after moving away from iPads, because I never found much use for them beyond media consumption, I have finally taken the plunge and bought an 11" iPad Pro. The ability to use external storage (at last!) is a game-changer, but the kicker for me is mouse support, even as limited as it is in iPadOS. It is now possible to present a slideshow with an iPad connected to a big screen and NOT have to keep looking down at it to flick the next slide into view.

    I was in no doubt about the growing computing grunt of the iPad Pro but felt that power was criminally compromised by the operating system. I feel that Apple has finally tweaked the OS to complement the power of the tablet.

    I have a Surface Book 2 as my main workhorse, but the iPad Pro is just so convenient to throw in a bag and go that I find I'm using it a lot, more than I ever did with iPads before, two or three of which are knocking around the house somewhere, dusty and forgotten.

  6. I own new 16inch macbook pro and ipad pro. Mainly a video editor. Would it make sense to sell my iPad since the Macbook is far superior at processing footage? Both are portable, both are great but seems like im being silly with both.

  7. great video Sir , but am i the only one who wonder why does the widgets are only on the first page of apps and not on every screen ?? i really hope they will shrink the size of the icon on every screen cos i want to be able to have the widget on all pages without making a single swipe …

  8. Thanks for good info. I use my ipad air2 98% almost 100%. My mac just collects dust but keeps most needed files . I keep both just if the day I loose my ipad . That way I have files at hand . Safety back up plan .

  9. Thanks for validating my feelings here. I have been using a 12.9 iPad Pro (2Gen) for travel and a gorgeous 27” iMac for home. I have been posturing myself to buy a MacBook Pro because for a long time I felt like iOS was always annoyingly lacking on a long work trip but since padOS has been released I think I actually like iPad better as a portable device. IPad has really turned a corner to balance functionality with the advantages of the immersive app environment. I actually find myself more often longing for the simplicity and immersive nature of pasOS and its apps when I’m home on the iMac.

    And we haven’t even touched on how the iPad has reliable all-day battery life. I can’t say how awesome it is going to all-day meetings and not worrying about where the outlets are or whether I have my EU/UK/AUS adapter like everyone else.

  10. Outstanding vid Kris! Been waiting for this one, so glad you did it before the Black Friday sales, now if I can only find a Black Friday sale for the Ipad Pro with stylus and keyboard that would make my year!

  11. Helpful video. Right now I have two imacs and it's time to replace one of them. For my 2nd device in wanting to get something that will enable productivity but also be portable. I'm trying to decide between an iPad pro or a MacBook Air. Since I will continue to have an iMac for my heavy duty storage and desk top work; as a 2nd (and companion) device would you recommend an iPad pro or MacBook Air (or pro)? If I go with an iPad would you recommend the 12.9 or the 11"
    Thanks again for the helpful review.

  12. I feel like you need to take price in to consideration as well… to get a "decent" (that of course depends on your needs) MBP, you'll have to pay around double the price of a great iPad pro setup (incl. accessories (apple pencil+keyboard))…

  13. “If you have to ask, then you are not a power user….it’s that simple” …thank you….I know I am not a power user. Your videos are great. It’s like I’m sitting in the back yard drinking beer with a good bud that knows tech.

  14. It really depends on the use case. I am a software developer and when I pick my iPad, I have no idea what to do with it. There are some fundamental flaws in the design of the iPad. I cannot install Python, Anaconda or any other VM I did like to use. Using GPUs is out of context. Even for normal latex editing, iPad sucks. The smart keyboard is shit to type on and the touchscreen control is not meant for long working sessions (8 hours or so). Either I have to keep my hands vertical, or screen horizontal. A trade-off between neck pain or arm fatigue. iPadOS is brittle in architecture. As an example, it does not let me control the file read/write permissions, packages and there is no homebrew. RAM is only 4 GB compared to 16 gigs in mac which is again a hit to multitasking. If you master keyboard shortcuts, you can access almost anything on Mac faster than iPad (and I gave iPad good enough opportunity to impress me). For reading, I use kindle because it feels so much better to my eyes. Sorry to say but iPad is still just an iPhone that doesn't fit in the pocket and restricts cellular calls. I really want to do something in life that makes me appreciate this technological advancement but as of now, it is buried somewhere in my drawer.

  15. I wanted to see a comparison between sidecar and Luna display using photoshop and AI. I heard sidecar doesn't allow you to use the pen on the screen? Or maybe that was a beta version… great job !!

  16. Screen time, tell your boss you’ve had too much screen time , you got to go home for the day. Most of us in the Corporate sector just take a walk every hour or down to the Coffee shop, or skive over to another Department, so we have evolved to handle too much screen time in different ways, it’s something most of us have learned to cope with.

  17. Need it for: powerpoint, excell, word, some apps, some games and huge on watching films from uttorent. Macbook air or ipad pro 12.9 which one to get ? Please respond

  18. Bought a new IPad Pro 12.9 and disappointed . It’s still not a computer . Maybe good for if you are just playing with pictures but not if you are programmer or want a computer . Will return it in a day . Sad

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