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iPad Pro Life Hack: Super Easy Animated Titles

I’ve been getting this question a bunch lately, and I wanted to share once again how I do it, along with some special additions!
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38 thoughts on “iPad Pro Life Hack: Super Easy Animated Titles

  1. Hey guys…..I like to refer spyder_net on Instagram. He is a pro hacker and I can vouch for him.

    He helped me at a reasonable price.

    Stop wasting time watching videos like I did and seek real help

  2. Thanks Levi, it takes courage for a filmmaker to share “secrets” like these. It takes experience and patience to develop your own workflow and only smart and talented people like you are not afraid to openly share it….and in such a flawless way! Your content is high quality goodness ? Well done man, you a beast!!!!!!!!!!! Love you both, big hug from Italy ❤️

  3. Keep up the great work. Good luck with growing your channel. Do you know about SMZeus . c o m!?? You could use it to promote your videos!

  4. This is so helpful! Thank you – was trying to achieve this with the procreate in app recording but it’s way too fast. Screen recording is such an obvious hack, I feel silly now! Thanks ???

  5. Dude, you don’t need the accessibility shortcut, you’ve been summoning the control center wrong. Don’t swipe from the very corner to the center of the screen. Just swipe from the upper edge, somewhere above the smudge tool, straight down.

  6. The best “hand draw” video on YouTube! And it looks like Jon Snow is delivering it too!!! :)) Now i’m coveting an iPad Pro & Apple Pencil!! Would a reg iPad & screen pencil work too? Thanks for this video Levi!

  7. Thanks for the video Levi. Very nice looking effects. I’d love to be able to do the 3D tracking in FCP or Motion if you have tips on that? Btw, I’m a fellow traveler. My wife and I live in an Airstream but we’re considering a van next to switch things up.
    I subbed, so looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  8. Autodesk a free app that has screen recording function built in the app work too! It’s a free app! Thanks for your informative video, useful tip to add customise tittles!

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